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    1. @Rodney Williams, I would personally rate it 7/10. A pro would definitely be the core and the weight of the ball, I have the 16 pound version which is the heaviest variation, so it hits the pins really hard and gets quite a bit if pin action due to core and weight. Another pro is the hook, it hooks pretty hard when the oil is gone, it is good for light to medium oil patterns, I have also done well playing edge with the ball. A con is the surface, and another one is 10 pins, it isnt impossible but I will probobaly only hit 7/10 10 pins, so I would recommend not using it as a spare ball when it comes to even the 6 and 10 pin.

  1. Very cool. This is why I refuse to let certain balls have polish on them. If I need a ball to get downlane, or for burn, I’ll pick a ball that comes with polish from factory. Very rarely do I add polish do a ball that does NOT come with polish from factory, because it drastically reduces over all hook. Personally love the idea of a high grit finish without polish.

  2. I used the P5000 grit for my Storm Snap Lock to attack the 37’ Danny Pretaglia pattern and does create strong backend reaction. 819 4 game series

    1. This video was shot more than a year ago. Before we had TruCut Hand Applied Polish Powered by Turtle Wax.

    2. @Ronald Hickland Jr Thanks man I’m really interested in your products which we lack here in Kuwait or not using at all. I already purchased some of your products TruCut Polished Ball Maintenance Kit and Back to League Kit – 4 oz That Wow Factor Ball Cleaner / 6″ and will ship it to Kuwait where I live and can’t hardly wait to spread these products here as I’m trying to arrange with my friend in the Pro shop. Thanks Bro

    1. The fact that you actually answered is even more comical than the amount of times I heard you say P5000D in the video! Thanks for yet another laugh!

  3. Just got a black widow gold. Wondering, sense the factory finish is 500/1000 with powerhouse polish, if this pad would be the one to use when I resurface or if I should use a 1000 with polish. Thanks ron for another great vid.

    1. @Ronald Hickland Jr okay thanks my brotha. If I use the p5000d without the polish will it be more aggressive than factory ? I see that’s the case with the storm polish but what about the turtle wax. (I have access to a ball spinner)

  4. I’m confused, you say in the video that the P5000D pad is available October 1st, but it appears to have been in the 6 pack I ordered a few months back?

    If the video is old, you should probably overlay a graphic saying the pad is available now.

  5. Hammer Pink Widow is 500/1000 then powerhouse factory polish. So to resurface it should work it from 500 to 1000 to 3000 to then the P5000D pad all on the spinner?

  6. I wish the pads for alittle bit bigger as when you use them by hand and not a machine the pad slips out of the hand unless there wet ….

  7. the fact that he just hit it with the pads and now adding that doesn’t seem right if he had another ball that was the same in about the same condition would make more sense I would think

  8. I was thinking you could use a cleaner to remove the polish carrier before taking it to the lane.

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