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  1. Thank you for this tip. I have both braces and I don’t know depending on the brace I use will change my ball reaction

    1. Learning how to change your hand motion and positions is a skill. With these wrist braces , the skill is eliminated because the device does it for you if you rely on it completely. Use it for what it’s meant for; training.

  2. I’ve always a though a wrist brace kept u from breaking your wrist back lol I was wrong. I bowl back up and am trying to learn the normal counter clockwise way so a brace might be what I need thanks Shannon!

    1. @superblitz Correct…this would only affect a PWBA or PBA50 or PBA Regional Pro, who wears one and wants to compete in a PBA National Tour event.

    2. @Ben Snyder Funny, just a few years ago pros would tell you that wearing one hurt your game as you couldn’t apply the correct levels of touch. I want to know who got butthurt over these all of a sudden?

  3. so what are you goinig to do if these get banned like the PBA; or as JR Raymond insinuates might not happen cuz so many ladies need these ? luv your informational videos

    1. Heard his podcast. He also, in not so many words, defended Rash for his outburst at the recent PBA southwest regional. In that podcast eluded to women pro bowling saying (paraphrasing) that many women don’t come out of the ball properly in order generate higher rev rate. Thus the wrist device was a crutches to generate consistency and not inate skill developed with practice whereas two-handed bowling was skill sets. Mr. Raymond talked about having a Rev clinic(especially for the rev challenged, mentioning women bowlers several times in his sales pitch) to teach proper technique and thus alliavting the need for such devices. Mr. Raymond also mentioned (here again also paraphrasing) if one’s wrist is that bad then perhaps one shouldn’t be bowling. He was never disrespectful just condescending.
      Opinions and interpretation may vary but discourse was civil.

  4. If professional bowlers are going to make a stride in being perceived as “real” athletes. These “training devices” need to be banned from all professional competition!

    1. For clarification purposes, assume you are including PWBA as it is professional in nature. Conversely and inherently, for women to be precieved as “real” athletes these “training devices” need to be precluded “banned” from PWBA competition. This ban will then truly legitimatize professional womens bowling and until then PWBA is quasi professional and warrants less consideration to the “real” athlete status and maintains a corp of amateurish players.
      At best we can agree to disagree and in the long run may be opening a pandora’s box.

    2. @Anne Beavers Yes, this is definitely going to open a Pandora’s box, for I am certain that no one would dare imply that Shannon and Liz, for example, are “quasi-professional” bowlers, not imply that the many PWBA and LPBT bowling stars of yesteryear, who wore even a simple Robby’s Positioner with the metal support, were anything less than consummate professionals.

  5. I use one bc I have CTS and without a sturdy wrist support, the pain would be pretty much excruciating and I wouldn’t be able to bowl. I really hope the USBC doesn’t follow the lead of the PBA! They’ve come up with some stupid rules, but that one takes the cake!

  6. Does the brace help with wrist pain or just help you with positioning of the wrist at follow-through?

  7. I too would enjoy hearing your comments on the PBA’s recent announcement to ban wrist braces for PBA players. Do you see a time in the future where the PWBA might do the same?

  8. This is helpful! Do you think you could do a slightly longer video on the dial in the middle of the glove, and what it does in terms of axis rotation? TIA I love these videos!

  9. Would I need to have my ball re-drilled to fit to my span? I’ve tried one before but it felt like I was going to drop the ball. Would love to hear you suggestions on this. Thanks

    1. I did not need to have any balls redrilled. I did get a very adjustable brace so once I got it set up right it was fine.

  10. This is great I was looking hard for something good on these yesterday thanks for the video it helps.!!!

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