20 Comments on “The Hardest Grind In Bowling | 2021 US OPEN”

  1. Wonderful to see the behind-the-scenes of the PBA. Thank y’all so much for bringing us theses wonderful videos .

  2. Gonna ask about the 100k special video being a tournament in St. Louis or wherever for all of your subs each video. Keep up the great work guys

  3. Good luck to both of you. I hope you know both of you have a pick for the finals by different analysts..

  4. Wow you guys couldn’t be bowling more opposite squads! You will either get a ton a footage or not see much of each other for the week lol Good Luck guys!🎳🏆

  5. I’m learning the F’s of bowling by watching this awesome blog.

    Brad F’ing Miller

    Feel free to add any you can think of!

  6. Hold up! “Kyle’s a-“ Who cut the video? This is the tea we’ve been waiting on!! 😂😂😂😂 Love you guys! Good luck today!

  7. Can’t wait for the end of tomorrow’s video when Kyle says “Bowling is hard” and Brad says “it’s a grind”

  8. “I’m done. Youre done? Yeah done. Im goin watch you bowl. Im not bowlin, If youre not bowlin”…classic bromance. lol luvs it!!

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