26 Comments on “The HIGHEST Scores In The PBA This Season!”

  1. Brad and Kyle, u guys bowled well and u guys on verge of cashing. Keep it up and finish big. GOOD STUFF

  2. you guys should make a video on how scoring in tournaments work. like what does it mean to be +400

    1. Plus or minus a 200 average pins per game. So a 208 after 1 game is +8. Another 208 would be 416 so +16 after 2 games etc.

  3. I bowled on the same pair as Alex Cavagnaro in the New York masters in January. He’s tearing it up this week!

    1. @TraumaER yeah hes a good kid, definitely a powerhouse like Tiger was early on. Almost robotic he’s so efficient

    2. @The Poor Conservative he maximizes the whip effect as I call it. Tiger did same with golf club but paid the price later with his back. Hopefully EJ can break the titles record. He is what bowling should be to me at it’s finest.

  4. Hey Brad! You talked about Packy averaging 260 yesterday – you almost go there today! Nice stealthy 256!!!! Keep it going guys!!! Hope that’s enough!

  5. Guys, thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me, and thanks for letting me get a pic with you guys. After all the crap I went through earlier this month, seeing you guys brought me so much joy and you bowled great in qualifying so far. If it wasn’t for your YouTube channel, I wouldn’t have bowling in my life. Love
    You guys. ❤

  6. I LOVE that opening line for Brad. If you go back about 2 weeks I tried to implore Brad to go right on the lanes and keep it in front of him. He seems to bowl very well and very consistently when he isn’t trying to slow roll it across the lane. I know not all patterns can do that, but if Brad can drill some equipment that keeps him towards the middle of the lane with is feet and in between 15-10 I think he can put up some huge scores and do it with way less effort. This is coming from a guy that just watches the videos so take that for what it’s worth :). Let’s see a TV show this weekend for Brad and Kyle. Great bowling guys. Keep it up.

  7. I’m 57 Started bowling in September and watching you two as much as I can. My average was 140s this past fall and now I’m hitting 185 and climbing thanks to Kyle and Brad videos.

  8. It was amazing to meet you Brad, tried to see Kyle but missed him. Thank you for the photo and the signature on my jersey. It was amazing bowling with the pros on Monday. I love the videos you guys make.

  9. Want to see you two with the doubles title. I know Brad needs a little help from Kyle to win his first.—-LOL

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