The Importance of Stretching and Why It Matters For Your Bowling Game with Kyle Troup - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

An often overlooked topic in bowling is stretching/warming up to take advantage of your practice time before a block. Today Kyle Troup shows us some stretches he utilizes before bowling
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5 Comments on “The Importance of Stretching and Why It Matters For Your Bowling Game with Kyle Troup”

  1. this is awesome cant tell you how stretching is the most important thing to do especially now that l am 63, Been doing these stretches for 40 plus years before bowling and back in the day before softball and anything l did. Great job Kyle and Ronald.

  2. A bowling coach who became a friend and mentor was the one who first encouraged me to stretch. He knew I lifted weights and also played ice hockey and softball and he asked me if I warmed up & stretched before those things and I said “of course”. He then asked, “isn’t bowling an athletic endeavor?” It dawned on me then that it absolutely was. I practiced 50 games a week and spent time in the shop working on my equipment and I trained to stay in shape to bowl a lot of games, why in the world would I not stretch??? So I began to do that and got to the point where I felt like I could be ready to go after only 3 or 4 practice balls. It makes a difference and I agree everyone should be doing some kind of warm up/stretch before bowling!

    1. stretching for about 5-10 minutes before you even touch the lanes will have you feeling amazing by the time you throw that first ball. it’ll probably even bring up your average too it has for me

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