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28 Comments on “The Most Common Mistake In Bowling. Improve Your Game With This Drill.”

  1. I have a question, I struggle with slowing down my speed, do you have a video that talks about how to slow your speed down? I can’t get below 15.8 miles per hour and I totally sucked at a tournament this past weekend because of that.

    1. @E Gibs lol who cares the guy might suck at hand adjustments and only has 2 balls that don’t have enough hook for a sport shot so slowing down is 100% reasonable… we don’t know everything about the guy lol

    2. @Troy Trujillo that could be true, but who bowls a sports shot bringing only two balls 🤔🤔🤔

      You’ve seen people throwing 14 mph and under on sport shots?

    3. @Troy Trujillo shut up. You’re talking about old people who have been bowling Nationals for 50 years. You don’t see ANY HIGH LEVEL bowlers rolling it that slow in competition. I guarantee he didn’t suck at a tournament because he was throwing “15.8 mph”, someone OBVIOUSLY won the tournament and they weren’t throwing it slow 🤷🏾‍♂️

    4. @Troy Trujillo no kidding, the trolls are so useful online… maybe he had to move way left and needs to slow his speed down to get the ball to hook. Just because someone throws it “slow” doesn’t mean there isn’t a need to be able to change speeds.

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  2. I love Mr 300 (Bob Learn Jr)’s. pushaway. It’s very simple, repeatable and very tuneable. Have a look at his legendary 1996 Flagship open at Lake Erie when he beat the best of that era.

  3. Holy crap I think I have finally found my biggest mistake. I tend to have a high push away. I havent been bowling for long but I would ask myself why they heck I dont have a higher speed being 6″2 250lbs lol I cant even hit 16. I’m sure there are lots of other mistakes I’m doing but I will start working on a lower push away.

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