23 Comments on “The Most UNIQUE Bowling Ball On The Market? What is it?”

  1. Am I the first here? Holy cow!

    The Tour Dynamix definitely looks interesting. I’ll have to head to a match maker event and throw one.

  2. I have been hearing that the Tour Dynamics works very well on short patterns as well. Love the way it rolls down the lane. I’m considering getting one

  3. Yea this ball is very interesting! Very high RG to a low diff as a new bowler is something Iโ€™m very new too! Love to watch how this ball rollls!

  4. Thatโ€™s kinda cool. I didnโ€™t realize they cut the diff. Should probably be pretty similar to an Obsession Tour or Envy Tour from Hammer. Nice low rg, low diff, low intermediate diff. Probably a strong cover too to match the lower diff. Nice staple Rubicon core should make this ball a winner

  5. โ€œMost unique bowling ball on the marketโ€ didnโ€™t they make this ball to compete with hammer, theyโ€™ve been making these โ€œtourโ€ type balls for a couple years now

  6. One of the best videos I’ve ever seen you make! Great explanations and comparisons, concise, fun, a much better camera distance while talking. I DO wish i could see your approach and swing along with the ball motion shots.

  7. Crazy thing is, the TDX looks like a better IQTS. Itโ€™s hitting the pocket consistently and striking

  8. Cool video talk tech bowling bowling ball roto grip tour dynyx bowling ball with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time brad and Kyle

  9. Great video Brad! Not sure where the Tour Dynam-x would fit in my bag as a “weaker” asymm ball. However, the Xponent continues to impress me.

    1. I was looking at a Hustle M-M for the bottom of my bag for when the lanes are toasted since my league either lays down low volume or low viscosity oil on the lane, so game #3 can be a challenge in league. Would the Dynam-x be a viable option?

  10. This ball works well on short, from what I’ve seen. That said, the closest asym ball(s) on the market that sort of mimic the Low RG/Low Diff are the Obsession Tour & the Envy Tour. I love both of those and I’m 1000% really liking what this ball has to offer under the SPI umbrella.

  11. More style, more flare, more panache. A lot of these balls start to look the same to me after a while. I suppose if I got them sponsored and rolled a hundred games a week I could tell them apart.

  12. I have one. I picked it from the demo event, just waiting for it to come in .. I got it for free … it was a hard choice to pick out of all the brands of balls I threw

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