18 Comments on “THE PBA IS BACK BABY | 2022 Players Championship”

  1. LET’S GOOOOO!! TIME FOR THE 2022 SEASON!! PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP!! Hope you guys do well and some of you make the show!

  2. Completely true Brad! I would not have gotten nearly as interested in bowling if not for you and everyone else’s channels. Amazing content and growing the sport!! Love you boys

  3. What’s really cool is how many people found my bowling content through you guys! It really is an inspiration knowing that you guys are doing this for the love of bowling and just want it to spread as much as possible! Here’s to a big 2022 season!

  4. Brad and Kyles PBA VLOGS and journey got me interested in bowling again after 30 years. Their early content really showed the struggle of a PBA player and it also has some great laughs along the way. When I was their age, I ran a pro shop and bowled 6 nights a week–it was a blast and I wish I could go back to those days. These days, if I open bowl once a month it’s a major victory and I’ve forgotten most everything I learned drilling bowling balls. Most of my knowledge was for pre-reactive resin and really has no value in todays game. I found all those channels Brad mentioned already and might mention Justin Bohn’s channel along with Wesley Low and have been a subscriber to them for quite a while but Brad and Kyle are always first on my watchlist. Go get ’em, fellas!

  5. Yay! Brad and his side-kick Kyle are BACK!! No, Kyle, this DOESN’T mean you can kick Brad in the side, so BEHAVE! 🤣🤣 Looking forward to the ‘new stuff’! 👍

  6. Saw you practicing Thursday night as I was walking in to league. I almost said Hi, but also didn’t want to bother you Brad. Best of luck this weekend, and all year!! Love the content!!

  7. Love seeing all the pros throw the hustle camo! Its my first ball and to see you guys have confidence in it gives a new bowler like me a boost in confidence.

  8. I got into bowling seriously just over 4 years ago. Once I knew I was going to start spending money on equipment I also knew I’d want to learn. Your videos have been a gold mine of information and entertainment. I was a 130s bowler when I started. So far this year, all two weeks of it, I’ve averaged in the 170s. Nowhere near what many here will have, but I’m proud of my gains for a guy who only bowl 3-4 games a week. Good luck to everyone. My your strikes be plentiful, your spares be fair, and the splits all be babies.

  9. I want shirt that says:
    Brad Miller bowled the toughest field in PBA history beating Belmo and Tackett until losing to Simonsen.

  10. i watch so much of all of your guys content, soooo good all of u , I appreciate u all letting us in to see what u go through on the tour, love it all!!!!

  11. And…. It’s good to see you guys back! Looking forward to watching the tour content through you all!

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