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23 Comments on “The portable anywhere PYB Sanding system and TruCut”

    1. Just got one… couldn’t really get it to shine but the performance was the same got good length down the lane with a strong backend…storm step 2 with that gets a really good shine on the ball

    1. No I have not shot a video with it cuz I dont own that oval cup that you put the pad into but I just saw it in your web. Can you put like a microfiber pad in there so you can clean or polish your ball?

  1. judging by the scoring left on the surface… one would want to drag off hand on the ball to provide resistance to the spinning. The friction of the pad is digging in and turning the ball, it is not doing a full scoring. it appears to slip and hook. Like tires slipping on a patch of ice, then hooking on dry pavement.

  2. That does not in any way look even or consistent. Keep that up and the ball will roll like a football.

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