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30 Comments on “The Power Step | Improve Your Bowling Footwork & Create Better Ball Motion”

  1. Thanks Shannon, Loved the demo, going to implement this at home. Stay safe everyone and good bowling to all. ❀✌

  2. During my summer of practice (2019) I realized my slide was a bit inconsistent. I figured out that my power step was the inconsistent part. Worked hard on making sure I was driving into my slide. Stay on the power step longer, drive it forward, better slide, more stable finish.
    Thanks for all the tips you share, Shannon!

  3. Thanks Shannon! I’ve always marveled at your overall technique, so learning any tips you have to share is great. Was working on that recently and turned up with a sore hip, figured I must have been finally doing it right.

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  4. Thanks for the video. My son seems to almost jump in his last step with no slide at all. I think it’s from him wanting to generate more power. I hope these two easy tips will help him slide into his release, gain more balance and control.

  5. Hi from Colombia. When people walks, the foot have a cicle named phases: swing and support. About support have; 1-Initial touch (the ball is in the tope of the backswing) 2-response to weight ( the ball is holding a little in the top) 3-medium support ( the ball and body weight are holding in the leg) 4-initial momentum ( the ball starts the down swing) 5- last momentum ( the ball is near to the bottom of the swing). The momentum is created with the leg and metatarsal bones. If the ball isn’t synchronized with the walk biomechanics, maybe will needs to hold the ball a little second more or maybe will don’t have the efficiency in the momentum. Thanks for share your experience and knowledge

  6. Shannon you are not only a great bowler, but also an excellent communicator. As a (male) bowler I admire your dedication to the sport as bowler and ambassador of it. Thanks for sharing knowledge and increasing the bowling IQ of your followers

  7. Love your helpful videos thanks for sharing your expertise to a very grateful wishful bowler like me
    Lots of love shannon from New Zealand

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