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The Sauce is a bowling ball with a remade name plate fused with new technology. I was very impressed with this ball motion as it reads the mid-lane in a very smooth manner but remains continuous. The Sauce will fit in my bag when I'm looking for a smooth symmetrical bowling ball that is still continuous. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments!

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Camera: Canon m50
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28 Comments on “The Sauce (Hammer) Bowling Ball Review | “Smooth Sauceee””

    1. I LOVED MINE. I guess I’m gonna break down and get the Hyroad X. Specs make me think it will be similar to The Hot Sauce Pearl.

  1. Hey um Kyle, you used the specs from the original Sauce in this video, not the new sauce. New sauce is Aggression Solid CFI, with the modified Contrusion core, 15# Rd is 2.47 and Diff of .049

  2. Not going to show us the layouts you have on the balls? Come on now, these are details we need to know!

  3. The sauce seems like a benchmark ball. Start with it and determine if you need to shell up or down.

  4. This vid helped me decide to pick up The Sauce; it’s all drilled up. First practice Sunday AM, first league Tuesday night! Can’t wait to see how it rolls.

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