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Golfing with Norm Duke, Bowling the USBC Masters, and eating some good food! What a day!

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26 Comments on “THE ULTIMATE BOWLING TEST | USBC Masters (day 2)”

  1. Brad- I love your singing!!!! Don’t let people tell you who to be. I like you for who you are… hope you guys are on the show this weekend.

  2. Kudos Brad on a great day. Kyle don’t sweat it dude you kept yourself in it, Good luck today. Give em hell boys.

  3. Saw the standings sheet before watching this and to say Brad is happy is an understatement. Keep it up guys and good luck making the cut.

  4. also Brad congrats on the 2019 PBA Don Carano Award sir. Well deserved. It is all uphill for you both!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeeeee haw

  5. That was a great video. You guys are making bowling popular. PBA has a gem with you guys. I am a fan. Bowl well today.

  6. This channel is awesome. I do have a question, what happens to all the balls you drill after the tournament

  7. NOOOOO! I just saw the PBA playoffs bracket…. I would have loved seeing you guys run each side but oh well. Go get em guys. I want to see one of you in the finals!

  8. Hey great bowling to both of you at the Masters. Good luck at Pba playoffs. Looking forward to next vlog. I think Brad makes tv show at 2020 Masters.

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