26 Comments on “The Vlog is BACK! | PBA Lubbock Open”

  1. You *look and sound* refreshed, Brad. I’m glad to hear your reasoning behind your taking time away (virus notwithstanding). Hopefully, that helps your focus for the Summer Swing & all events going forward.

    Best of luck in Lubbock.

  2. I was very concerned about the vlogs, so I asked packy and he told u guys were doing old man stuff. Great to see that they’re back.

  3. Good to see Boski follows you guys. Brad saw you at BJ in Vegas, you didn’t look too happy at the moment so I didn’t even say hello. Good luck this summer !

    1. 12:45….Ahhh Kristen you finally got that question answered….Someone cue the Fatal Attraction music…..lol

  4. It is awesome watching the bowl in person you’re a nice guy you’re awesome You bowl grate

  5. Still waiting on the Click-Bait and B-Squad merch. Also, you could do Brad Effen Miller! But F’n works too.
    Congrats to Packy! Condolences to those that have to be downwind of Nate.

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