23 Comments on “They Are Challenging Us | 2021 USBC Masters”

    1. @TraumaER I think these guys have each other’s backs, but I bet there was plenty of cussing and soul searching, and some sorting out. They are partners but you know there is some competitive fire between the two!

  1. Just getting back into bowling and love the channel guys! Its cool to see the day to day grind on these tournaments!

  2. That’s how tour should be!! New patterns all the time. It should be tuff!! It’s what separates tour guys.

  3. This is what professional bowling should be…. tough patterns all the time! Make 230 for the block or 300 on the really mean something

  4. When you see Kyle Sherman using a machine to massage his bowling arm at his age, that tells you how tough it is on tour. Hang in there!

  5. I love how Brad just stands there at 4:49 after watching it go through the face. He’s like “WTF?” lol

  6. Keep grinding Kyle.. i’m sure you can bounce back and make the cut.. and Brad, awesome bowling.. hope you stay in the top 10-15 and even get higher.. good luck to you both

  7. Keep it up guys! I can’t even imagine bowling on the conditions you guys bowl on. You guys make it look so easy

  8. At 3:16 I thought the guy in the orange shirt walking in the background was worlds slowest ball rolling down the lane

  9. It’s called The Masters for a reason.
    Congrats Brad! Keep it up.
    Commiserations, Kyle–don’t let stinkin” thinkin’ into your head.

  10. Kyle sounds like me when I bowl nationals, ‘parlay a jersey into a double and hope my spare game is good’

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