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  1. Tips for those who don’t have a gym membership(young ones especially):
    – do some cardio(aka running) for at least half an hour
    – do 30 jump squats at most, then 60 uneven pushups
    – take cold showers, a LOT of health benefits
    – intermittent fasting(16:8 being the most effective)
    – Make nutritious foods your main diet and cut down on junk/processed foods
    – take 2 rest days so to prevent injury and speed up results in building muscle(I highly recommend on the weekends cuz that’s when everyone is laxed)
    – drink plenty of water
    – most importantly, be consistent and don’t worry if you’ll reach your goal cuz that’s when inconsistency occurs.(And ofc if you have some gym equipment in your house use that to your advantage)

    Hope this helps and y’all stay happy and healthy

  2. You da man Prather even in a mood lol good luck guys hope we get a win this season from Brad, pulling for you guys! โœŒ๏ธ

  3. Ive been bowling with the nova on house shot and let me tell you . its becoming one of my favorite balls in my bag! i cant wait to throw it on sports shot and see how it does! literally been shooting 230s-260s with the ball

  4. Hey Brad and Kyle! Got a question for ya, How do the pros maintain a consistent slide at every center they go to? I know you can change your sole and heel (which I do) but I mainly see you guys use the same heel and sole at every center you go to. Is it because the centers that you bowl at do something different with the approaches to make them the same for you guys? If not, how do you handle tackier, slicker, and medium style appraches?

    1. @C K they look perfect. My centers are very slick at one (So I use h2 break heel and s2 sole) then the other center is the exact opposite and is super tacky, the apporaches look so polished and shiny that its like a mirror. I use an s9 sole and h2 break heel there and my slide only goes like 5-6 inches. I might need an s12 or 11 for that center

  5. The bowling tip of the day is that the zero board is always the most consistent board. Very valuable information

  6. Just started bowling again after a 4 year layoff due to wrist surgeries and am glad my son turned me on to this channel.
    Really enjoy your tips a tournament stuff

  7. Brad! Very proud of your positive vibes. Keep up the positive vibes even on a bad block. Thatโ€™s very difficult to do..

    Good luck and Iโ€™m cheering ๐Ÿ“ฃ for you dude!!

  8. I love how Brad can stay positive even after bowling so many games on a difficult pattern. Keep it up, you’re gonna win a PBA tour title soon.

  9. It was sad to see Brad miss making the top 22 because of that final game๐Ÿ˜ฎโ€๐Ÿ’จ

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