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    1. @Tony Hui it’s a stronger cover, the cover on the absolute is really weak where the cover on the eternity although it’s pearl it’s a much stronger formula. For me cause I’m a little more speed dominate, the cover on the absolute tends to blow the ball through the breakpoint. The eternity for me cause it’s stronger likes to shape more off the spot. It really depends on what kinda shape you’re looking for. So far I’m a fan of the eternity

    2. @Tony Hui I’m going to do a review for it hopefully this week. I’ve done a review for the absolute already. Again not a bad ball, but very bowler and situation specific

  1. I’m actually waiting for the eternity as well. I was watching Tang throw it at the US open when they were here in indy

  2. I LOVE my absolute. I’m a two hander with extremely high revs but a touch slower than some others and the absolute is fantastic for me on fresh house shot. It’s one I can chase the oil left with through transition and pretty much throw for 3 games.

    1. @Uh Kimboze oh no nothing that high. There is only a couple of bowler I have ever seen ever that have a 600 rev rate. I’m pushing 520 to 530 at around 17.5 mph. Frankly on most shots a 400 rev rate is more advantageous depending what speed you throw. When speed and rev rate don’t match as in my case it can def create unnecessary issues. I’m working on pushing my speed to the 18-18.5 mark though. Always something to work on 😜

  3. Drilled an absolute last week, been loving it so far. Gotta say though, the ‘Orange Cream Soda’ fragrance was a total whiff, smells more like mint or rootbeer. Great vid guys

    1. I thought Wintergreen, but root beer is close. I bowled a 189, 211 in my last outing (my average is 164 and climbing) so I’m really happy with the Absolute right now.

  4. Just drilled this ball..I’m a low rev bowler, so I drilled this to be very strong down lane. It allows me to play my normal straight shot and move to 25 when I need to (which is left for me). Averaging 240 for 6 with it on 2 different house shots. First ball out of my bag and honestly something I can stay with as long as I see the moves ahead of time

    1. @machine thesun It’s extremely over under on burn in my experience, I throw about 17-18 at 500rpm, so that definitely could be why. But this ball is great for when there’s more oil in my experience. Every complaint I’ve seen is about it being over under on house shots, I like it much better on sports shot.

    2. Cb5248.. Thanks for your comment . I too am a low rev bowler and was deciding whether to get this ball with a strong drill. Will get it now.

  5. Good video guys!
    When you put the picture of the ball on the screen, I would love to see the layout of the drilling too.

  6. Thanks..a little too strong for me. I’m 68, and female, and average oh about 200 and I throw the Phaze 2 very versatile ball. What would you suggest for an asymmetrical ball to use? Not a cranker by far..lol

    1. Night Road has a similar shape to the phaze 2 if you adjust the surface. I put a 1500 pad on it and polished it and its been great when my sym solid (Idol) starts leaving corner pins. My feet can stay in the same place, don’t have to jump left. I didn’t like the surface it came with, the 4 k fast was too smooth. With polish it crushes through the pins and takes out the corner pins. PS I’m a woman in my 50’s.

  7. Personally I feel like if the shine is broken on that ball it would be more predictable. It looks too clean on some shots.

  8. I’m glad I see the same thing with you guys with it as I do. I got the core being super strong and reviving up really early, but cause of the cover being so weak it either stands up way too early cause of the core, but the cover makes it want to blow through the spot sometimes…. And I see for me and for you guys too it looks a little better from straighter because of that!!!

  9. Had one Drilled Pin up just this weekend. Have not thrown it yet. The pro shop originally said they were sold out so we were starting to layout and fit an Exotic Gem. Then the guy drilling says hey there is still one back here. So ended up getting what I was looking for.

  10. Congrats on reaching 150k subs, guys. This video was uploaded on my birthday! Looking forward to the rest of the PBA tour season!

  11. Is R3S pearl (Revenant) cleaner than R2S Deep Hybrid (Absolute) or do you think the core is more responsible for the Absolute picking up earlier than the Revenant for Kyle?

  12. So if I already have the Parallax Effect (pearlized asym), is this ball much different? I almost never see the Effect on shows, but it’s been a good change-up ball from my Phaze 2.

  13. My favorite R2S ball is the Code Red. I still throw mine to this day. I bought the Absolute to replace the CR, but I just can’t take it out of my bag…old reliable. The Absolute, on the other hand, is an amazing ball. I have mine drilled 5.5x5x2.5. It goes really long on a dry house pattern, but crushes the pocket…incredible ball! I did not know that the Revenant was a weaker ball. I might have to get one just to use on a “dry house shot.”

  14. It would help to know what patterns you’re bowling on. An average bowler might not fully understand why the ball is shaping the way it is versus something like a house shot.

  15. Just wondering….did Kyle bowl in the U.S. Open? I didn’t see his score so I am hoping nothing was wrong with him physically.

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