23 Comments on “This Bowling Ball WILL Make You A League Champion!”

  1. I have been very impressed with the ball and I can’t wait to have it in my bag. Love the way it hooks and colors remind me of the Trend

  2. FINALLY getting my hands on a phase 2, finished a β€œget a bowl” league. now thinking a good pearl should be my next??

    1. Get another Phaze 2. I have 2. My go-to for both league and tournaments. Bowled 644 this week for reference.

  3. I’d like it if when you review a ball, you talk about what parts of the lane you are deciding to play and what physical changes you have to do to achieve proper ball motion. Ie, speed, rev rate, rotation, etc

  4. Nice video, I appreciate that you show your missed ten pins, as opposed to just showing your strikes only. Makes the video more relatable. Comments on when your changing shots, either prior or during the shot (voice over) would be helpful. A video on the different terms would be helpful of new bowlers or casual bowlers that are trying to get better.

  5. Hey I’m trying to learn to bowl and I got good but my ball cracked and I don’t have a replacement for it. but great video!

  6. Great video. Maybe will go to these balls if the absolute and zen let me down at concord bowl this fall

  7. Was nice to see that in action on a house shot and was nice to see it over multiple lines. Solid video!

  8. Another review? How about the Summit. JR gave this one props, using it on a beat up house shot at Waterford, going from the track area, then eventually to over the left gutter cap.

  9. Thanks for the video Brad! The Xponent and the Gold Label both look good. Looks like a good 1-2 punch for league. I wouldn’t mind having either of these balls, but personally, I picked up a Phaze 2 and a Duo just a couple of months ago, so I am just looking for something like a Hustle M-M for the bottom of my bag for this coming season. Keep the content coming! Maybe a Hustle RIP / M-M video in the near future?

    1. 729 and 740 series in the couple local tournaments I threw so far, so I will stick with what I have for now.

  10. I am a low rev bowler. How would the absolute work for me? I have a Columbia 300 deep freeze reactive. What is the difference between these 2 balls?

  11. Bowling videos keep popping up in my feed but my bowling alley hasn’t oiled the lanes in a week. I have an idol cosmos and it typically picks up some oil rings going down and I threw it around 8 games today and I didn’t see a single oil ring. The lanes were soooo dry. I just wish they would reoil the lanes. Anyway good video, but you’re making me jealous 🀣

  12. Your videos would be more helpful knowing your ball speed when showing throws with different balls

  13. I know the Phase 3 is old equipment but I did shoot 840 for 4 games on Monday night doubles. So glad I got back into bowling. I took 10 years off after having 2 heart attacks. But I jumped back in on this doubles league. Having a blast with a very fun partner. Hang Ten is our team. Let’s Go!

  14. For me being an iq lover, this ball would be a step up from it. Solid wise the line up would be reality, zen master, the exponent. Switching to my pearls if any start to go for me. I’m honestly thinking about getting this and keeping my iq solid on standby

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