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16 Comments on “This is what a 1000 grit Polish looks like”

    1. Unless the grips are sticking up (which isn’t legal) that isn’t a issue. We have lots of videos on this channel where we sand balls with holes in them.

  1. This is a great video – I used P500D on my 900 Global After Dark Pearl – and it just needs to get through the heads a little easier as our house shot gets pretty dry. Do you have any recommendations? Should I add a little polish over my P500D finish or go 2000 tru-cut + Polish or something of that nature?

  2. Question for CEO Ron. I have purchased your CTD pads and really like them. They are far more effective than the others I’ve tried. I use my spinner to change surfaces. I noticed something in this video than confused me. When the polish was applied and the spinner was turned on, a lot of water was added. What effect does the extra water have? I’m currently using Motiv polish and the directions say apply, let dry to a haze, wipe off. Are the directions of Factory Finish polish different? (I’ve never used it.) Thanks.

    1. Thats just what this pro shop operator did as his normal process. We don’t use water when polishing a bowling ball

  3. If it ends up at 5000 anyway, why now just sand it to 5000 and eliminate the polish? 5000 is 5000 right?

    1. 5000 shine is not the same as 5000 polish. Polish is a additive to the coverstock. Not all polishes behave the same. Some actually change oil absorbtion or reduce performance while others improve it.

    2. @Ronald Hickland Jr right, but you did 1000+polish, and it ended up as a 5000. Just figured eliminate a step…. Lol. But, I know what your saying.

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