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  1. Kyle, I seriously can’t wait until you’re able to bowl again. But, I think you made the correct decision.

    1. Tons of games with back issues, it isn’t fun, look at Maldanado when he was bowling during his back injury, he was in agony

    2. Let me start off by saying that I think both you guys are REALLY good guys.
      Here’s what I don’t understand about all you ‘2nd tier’ guys – you, Darren, Packy, et al – you drill a million different balls, you talk ‘analytics’ like the baseball guys, but at the end of the day you don’t win tournaments. How many balls does Belmo drill? Forest for the trees gentlemen. You’re smart, talented, personable young men – take a step back and take a freaking breath! If you want to help young people, don’t do it by being elitist. You won’t win tournaments through oil patterns and having 12 balls in your bag. It will be through talent. Ask Belmo, Troup, Simo, Prather, Barnes, etc

  2. My friends and I meet up every week to bowl and I just got a second ball last week so I’m excited to play more with it this week.

  3. really appreciate the whole deep dive into superstitions…. Played baseball tell college and I remember there was so many things that we felt caused bad luck…. Camera showed it for yall LOL

  4. It was tough to watch yesterday Brad. Tons of splits. But you got the fresh this morning. Keep your head up and go lights out so I can watch you again in March play tomorrow!

    Side note: was cool to see the clip of Kyle signing my old spare ball in the clip 🤙

  5. I bowled on bear last night. Pretty much the same lane surfaces. Big misses to the right found the pocket. Tiny misses 1 or 2 boards in or out was the difference between leaving a washout or a goofy split. By the time I moved left of 25 we had the pattern destroyed. But we will be practicing on it a few nights a week until may.

  6. Thx for sharing as usual , great to see the insight to the challenge presented out there , its obvious even some super talented players just don’t match up on certain days or find the combination to the safe out there, everyone is an expert til they get out there then realize how hard it has to be moving pair to pair and different shots weekly, mad respect for all who try. Good luck to both of you this season

  7. Transition and breakdown on the PBA tour…You can’t replicate it in practice or anticipate it in competition…the struggle is real! Hang in there Brad and trust your process…your time will come.

  8. It was awesome seeing you guys in Springfield thank you for signing my daughters bowling pin I had a blast watching you guys go at it

  9. As much as I like to bowl on challenging conditions, I know I couldn’t compete with these folks. It looks like a grind.

  10. Slower ball speed with over/under= splits
    It looked like on your good shots after the 1st two games you weren’t rolling the ball forward(underneath hand position)
    Good luck on the next 8!

  11. I was enlightened at 1:10 as Brad talks about rev rate and playing the pattern. It’s ironic how we amateurs get wrapped up in maximum rev rate and hooking it from the parking lot. While some of the winningest bowlers in PBA history rolled right up the back of the ball with huge success. I’d probably put up better scores if I could get over the ridiculous need to hook the $h!t…out…of…it all the time.

  12. I know this is not very related to the video, but I need to know: “How does Stu Williams bowl with such a short follow through” (he was in the video somewhere). I get he’s a pro, but it is fascinating because focusing on follow through is one of those things you are taught in bowling.

    Any thoughts?

  13. Hope tomorrow is much better. Thanks for your honesty. Sometimes that “combination” just doesn’t exist!! Kyle, just go slow and take it easy. You can’t rush a back injury, trust me on that one.

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