Watch as we clean Professional Bowler Kyle Sherman's incredibly dirty bowling ball. We used the TruCut Scuff Mark Remover and So Fresh and So Clean.

You can get the same results right here.

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26 Comments on “This might be the DIRTEST BOWLING BALL EVER and We CLEANED IT.”

  1. No joke there are some houses where your ball can get scuffed that badly after 1 to 3 games. A reason why some guys were not liking the rule about not cleaning balls during league/competition.

    1. Well with scuff marks like that especially if it’s in your track area you are allowed to clean your ball. During league/competition.
      It’s just need to be approved by an official.

    2. I know they can approve you to clean your ball but the league I’m in the secretary made no mention of that part of the rule. During our meeting one bowler asked about cleaning off scuff excessive scuff marks and he just kept repeating no ball cleaning after league has started. The good thing is where I bowl at now your ball will never look like that after 3 games. The ball returns are well maintained

  2. I use So Fresh So Clean and the scuff mark remover all the time. Works like a charm. Keep up the good work brotha.

  3. that paradox red is just what they all look like after you throw it twice. The nice thing is iits pretty easy to tell when its clean or dirty.

  4. Cause some times when I clean my stuff I get like “grease marks” and they feel gunky and I want to use something safe on my ball with out damaging its surface

  5. Center I used to practice at for college did this to bowling balls in just a few shots at times. Once, I threw a ball for just one shot and it looked exactly like this ball. Absolutely insane.

  6. Not gonna lie, I thought this was a Brad and Kyle vid at first lol. Pretty impressive product line Mr. Hickland, my customers love it!

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