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35 Comments on “This Mistake Can Stop You From A Perfect 300 Game in Bowling”

  1. That might be why I dont have one lol,, I had front 10 the other day and then pinned on the 11th ball far a 289

    1. Scott light
      I’m 186 average senior bowler. Never bowled a perfect game. My highest was a 297. My last shot was the worse of the game. I clearly choked. Since I rarely throw more than 6 or 7 in a roll I knew this was special. I could see the other league members watching my last throw. Can’t blame them plus the witnesses would be nice. Hard to keep your nerves in check under those circumstance. That’s why the first 300 is extra special.

  2. Would have been nice to see strikes in the 10th and 11th frame so we can see the pin action, hard to see a comparison when the first two go though the high on the nose

  3. Are you using a throw bot? Cause humans are nothing but inconsistent in all areas. So for me watching a person roll vs a throw bot. Plus you add lane condition. Theres to many variables. But a clean ball is the best ball.

    1. AKstryker23 one thing I also forgot to mention, I do sandbag lol. A lot of tournaments here in Texas and the US are “handicap” friendly. I got tired of trying to make up 50,60,70,80 sticks, so I come into tournaments with a 190,188,198 avg or whatever get some sticks and just shoot the lights out. You don’t show your hand in poker right. I’ll have some sticks going into nationals so I’ll get reclassified meaning I’ll have a better shot at cashing out 🙂

    2. @E Gibs I took a Mutant cell, Storm Soniq, and Storm Match Up hybrid. I was worried about a bunch of oil so I hit all of my equipment with a 1000 abralon ( wrong move ). The first night was team event and i was going gutter to gutter trying to hit the right side of the headpin. Singles and doubles I went with a 2000 abralon with a light polish on two balls and tried playing across the middle but found myself batteling the other players. The last 2 games I used the Soniq still at 1000 abralon coming straight up the back of the ball playing straight up the 5 board. When I hit pocket, it was beautiful. When I missed what felt like 1 board left I was clipping the 4 pin brooklyn, and if I missed the same board right, I was shooting at washouts. Really could have used a Urethane!

    3. @Jeremy Truitt I’ll be taking my black hammer urethane, hammer web tour, jackal le, and jackal rising. I’m too strong for any shiny stuff. I have them all at 1000 right now and I’ll be planning to play up 8, I’ve learned from previous experience not to overthink it and not worry about other people on the lane

    4. @E Gibs I definitely had first time written all over me. Already booked for Reno next year and I know I will be MUCH better equipped and have a better game plan! Good Luck!

    5. Jeremy Truitt the bowling stadium in Reno is cool, but there is nothing to do in Reno and a bunch of homeless people hang around there

  4. The mistake is pressure and making a bad shot not wiping oil off your ball…don’t get it twisted

    1. @E Gibs Why would the 12th ball hook more than the 11th if oil wasn’t wiped off before the 12th shot? Or the 11th one was a miss or thrown too hard?

  5. My only comment is to the bowler metrics. It say Axis Rotation 10° then Axis Rotation 60° please fix the first one to read Axis Tilt.

  6. I wish I needed to wipe my ball off, the house I bowl at is long and dry. I actually thought about applying lane conditioning to my ball.

  7. Before reactive resin balls your ball would come back with lots of oil on the surface. Back in those days you had to wipe your ball to get sufficient hook. I still always wipe my ball even though it returns with very little oil. Its mostly just traditional pre-shot preparation while waiting for my turn. It never occurred to me until pointed out by this video, but if you are seriously worried about wiping oil then you need to do it when your ball returns, not just before it is your turn to bowl.

    I was watching the PBA the other night and noticed a pro who didn’t wipe. You could see the oil lines on his ball. So I guess what is most important is the ball is consistent instead of having the most possible hook. So if you never wipe your ball then it should behave the same each time, even if oily.

    1. drwisdom1 which one was it? I’ve bowled in some PBA events with Chris Barnes, norm duke, Parker Bohn, and what a couple of them told me is that since they are lower rev guys they will leave oil on their balls since it’s usually burnt up, it’s their way of taking advantage and being able to play straighter. You also have to watch the pattern as well, if the heads are drier you’ll want to keep oil on your ball to give you a little more length. Watches those three guys, you’ll never see them lofting because the can play straighter longer

  8. I wipe my ball off each time before throwing just as a part of my pre-shot routine. It’s not a bad habit to get into. It may or may not be necessary, but it probably won’t hurt. Plus, repeating your pre-shot routine will help you through the pressure of that 12th strike.

  9. May I say three things?

    1. Now throw the tenth through 12th shots again with the same ball except DO wipe it in between the shots and see how much the hook changes.
    2. This effect *strongly* depends on the ball. I used to have an Ebonite Crush/R that would keep hooking less and less after each shot even if I *did* wipe oil off of it. On the other hand, a Cuda/C absolutely does not care how much oil it absorbs…. it yields a major fish hook either way.
    3. The lane oil itself is a significant factor. Throwing a ball in one house may not impact its performance significantly if no oil is wiped off, but severe decreases occur in a different center with that ball.

  10. There is an opposing view to this thinking and that is, leave the oil where we need it, on the ball and on the lanes. Drying the ball after each shot will only accelerate the already big problem of the lanes breaking down rapidly. I think it’s dishonest to suggest that not wiping down the ball after each shot could be the difference between shooting a perfect game and not. I never wiped down the ball between shots and I had 6 perfect games. I also only once went into the tenth frame with a chance to shoot 300 and failed and that was a 297 on the worst 12th shot imaginable lol. I have been out of the game for a while now but I think it’s fair to present both sides of the argument and let people make up their own minds.

  11. Please tell me that you did more than 1 trial. There was no mention of other trials, nor was there a control scenario where the ball was cleaned before every shot. I know it is a robot that threw the ball but would still be nice to see that this wasn’t the 1 of 10 trials that did what the video was anticipating it to do.

  12. It struck on the 12th frame without you wiping the ball…which would have givin you a 300…but you then said it effected the ball negatively…how so when it struck? And when you were supposedly wiping it off and left a 3-6-10 and it didn’t strike in the 10th and 11th frames? Looked like if I would have just left the ball alone it would have been a better result lol

  13. This is garbage, this can easily be proven wrong by simple practice. No human is perfect and bowling is not about perfection. This game commands with consistency as the number 1 goal. If you go into any bowling alley with any bowling ball, including plastic there is no difference between wiping the oil off or not. By this same logic by not wiping the ball off it should do exactly the same thing due to the fact there is more on the ball but that much less on the lane.

  14. This is very interesting and helpful to me, as I have watched one pros (Norm Duke) not wipe off his ball (at least in the video I saw)…..very informative, thanks

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