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29 Comments on “This No Longer Matters On Your Bowling Ball | CG”

  1. Good info. Mo Pinel has been preaching this ever since the rule change was announced. Luckily I just got back into bowling and had everything drill without a weight hole. But, now layouts are very important to ball motion as to where you could change the motion with the balance hole.

  2. The only thing I’d be careful about are Assym X-outs/2nds with a high top weight and the CG way out of line.

  3. I assume this will make it easier for a lot of guys drilling balls in the pro shop. Now they won’t have to worry about silly 4th holes.

    1. It’s actually the opposite. Before the rule change with the weight holes, they could just leave it with no weight hole and some side weight where they could drill a weight hole to make it react different than without one. All they can really do is change the surface now, which doesn’t do as much as a weight hole can.

    2. @Drivillain Well what I meant was now the pro shop worker will not have to do any work mentally as far as figuring out where to drill that fourth hole.

  4. What if the mass bias on an asymmetrical ball is closer to your thumb or farther away from your thumb where you drill the thumb does that change the reaction

  5. I have been having trouble finding a ball that fits my style because i am a two hander but i throw the ball slower than most what would you recommend

    1. You would need to use less aggressive cover stocks to allow your ball to skid longer and not hook early. Slower ball speeds need milder covers unless you are on long heavy oil patterns then an aggressive cover can be used.

  6. Always enjoy your videos and learning more about the technical aspects of bowling. Keep the videos coming, thanks!

  7. WOW, really informative and awesome video!! What about people that don’t use their thumb, is that hole not allowed anymore since weight holes are not allowed anymore?

  8. hi ron can you please answer why myself and may other players that i drill for have had the same thingso when i use to drill balls before the new rules to find out where we wanted the hole put we would throw the ball for a little bit and see how we wanted to manipulate the reaction. we have always found the total boards covered of the ball to be similar with the side weight in it….  HOWEVER the way it rolls front to back and the way it hits the pins is much different and seems a lot weaker testing this myself with a few different balls even before they were thinking of the rule. IQ Tour Nano for example was one that I had punched up and it wat pretty close to the 2.5 ounce side weight so it required a hole, again this is when the rule wasn’t in place. Threw it and it hit like a sponge and I just couldn’t get the ball to fit my eye but after the hole I found that it was quicker, cleaner and it was much less lazy off the spot and god I loved that ball I have seen heaps of videos of how it doesn’t make a difference where it is on the drilled ball but Im defiantly I realise that 2.5 ounces is a bit drastic but if it doesn’t matter why everyone that has tested this that I know have a similar outlook on the way it changes ball motion.just wondering if you have seen this from anyone

  9. I like this rule… just bowl a ball just like how anyone of us non pro would get and drill a ball. Make manufacturers work on improving cores

  10. You said we have 3oz. How can I have a asymmetric Astro Physics drilled to hit hard with a L shape? Right hand 55yr. guy. Thank you Ronald. Wonderful video…

  11. I would like to make two points with respect to this topic. First, even though static weights are now of little importance due to the rule change, it is still worth noting that the farther the pin is away from the center of gravity, the more imbalanced the core is (I’m speaking specifically about symmetrical cores). Imagine a ball cut in half on a pin out ball, say 4″ as an example, if you measure the distance between the edge of the core and the outer shell at the half way point (half way between the top and bottom of the cut away ball) the core will be closer to one side than the other. In a pin-in ball the core will be much closer to being exactly in the middle of the ball.
    Secondly, I would like to point out that this rule has to be among the dumbest things I’ve ever heard of in my life. If there has ever been a better example of “locking the barn doors after the horses ran away” than this rule, I am not aware of it. I would love to hear what the rationale was behind this because I sincerely cannot imagine how a convincing argument could be made to take this step at this point in time. Had someone suggested this rule 20 years ago it would have made a lot more sense.

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