21 Comments on “This PBA Bowler Makes His FIRST Match Play Appearance!”

  1. Congratulations 🤘🏼
    Boys good episode as always.
    Vegas tomorrow for 3 days of bowling at Red Rock and South Point plus the sports book for March Madness

  2. As a STL guy love to see the locals doing well. Leroy Bornhop would be proud! Another grinder back in the day.

  3. Dude, that finger. Hurts just looking at it. Kyle looking like he’s getting back to old form in this 2nd block. First half of the season has been a bit rough for you guys. I think things are going to change the second half. Good luck.

  4. I’m so happy I finally got to meet you guys. Lanes looked tough out there during these blocks. Good bowling. On to the next💪🏽

  5. i wish you guys the best..its so heart warming for me to see my young self in you both…always chat with Norm if you can about thumb potato rehab..he knows…good luck get it..20 to 10 zen n mid brake…rubi is a consideration…oops sorry not my place to advise…best guys…

  6. GG had fun right? that’s what matters! As cool as it is to see the pro bowler hand that split looks gnarly! I had that happen in the joint of big toe once. Takes forever to heal and only way to let it heal is to stop moving it. You guys should do close ups on your hands and the journey of those calluses.

  7. You guys made great efforts to shoot good scores and never gave up. Congrats to ur friend for making it

  8. You can see Brad and Kyle were both really pulling for their friend to make it. These are two very good guys. Great bowlers, but better people.

  9. First big PBA event for us. It was a great time. We were rooting for you guys.
    Getting to meet the two of you, Dennis too lol. Was an unbelievable experience, getting to have lunch with you guys just took it over the edge. My Dad, who is dealing with dementia, was still talking about it this morning. Brad thank you so much for talking with him before you left. It meant a lot to me that you guys cared what he had to talk about. You guys were amazing. Hope to get a chance to meet you guys again.

  10. ahhh, the tournament days. if you think that cut hurts, smother it in some 90’s ‘new skin’ = that’ll give it the real burn!! great show, looking forward to the rest of the year from you all!

  11. Haveing been able to see Brad or Kyle in real time on Lane talk yesterday or today…. But plenty bowlers are showing up?!?! I am just hoping to see y’all bowl when I get there Sunday!

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