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  1. I know editing takes a lot of time during a busy tournament week, but we fans would love to see comments from Coach Daniel if he’s there, or even Bill, as to what he’s having the guys work on/adjust during play. And also, comments from the ball reps on what balls are working/not working, and why. Keep up the great work! Let’s go guys!

    1. Only person that travels with us is Dennis and he does the filming, social media content and editing. Ball reps usually are focused on making sure people are striking and donโ€™t usually want to be on camera. Most of the time in the bowling center everyone is locked in to getting as many pins as possible.

      (Sidenote from Dennis: I was up til 3am editing this one then woke up at 8:30 so we could get to the bowling alley on time. Iโ€™m tired as hell ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚)

  2. The pattern looked BRUTAL towards the end. Lots of splits and I wasn’t sure what you could do to strike. Sounds like a place the PBA needs to not go back to if the breakdowns continue to keep happening.

    DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN that kid got 1 hell of a loft game!

  3. Lanes are breaking down because when Bowlero takes over a center they basically do away with leagues and leave the center go down the toilet. Then when they host a big tournament their lack of maintenance and management shows up in a big way. Same thing happens at the 2 Bowlero centers in my area.

    1. 2 years ago, before it was bought, the MG Oil one was much in need of an upgrade and now has better equipment than anywhere else. Under the previous owners there were leagues monday-thursday and a youth league on saturdays. After it was renovated, there weren’t any leagues for a while, but in the fall, when the season was starting again, all the previous leagues were brought back

    2. Right!!! Iโ€™ve bowled in almost all the bowlero/amf centers in TX, and I have to agree the lanes are not always kept well. Which it wasnโ€™t like that 2 years ago. But I do understand oil ainโ€™t cheap, so just have to deal with it

    3. Bowlero just bought 2 centers in the Omaha metropolitan area. Lots of teams fleeing established leagues and taking business elsewhere

  4. Great video, guys! Honestly, the PBA Tour needs to make sure your channel is mentioned on every telecast, regardless of whether either of you are actually on it. I honestly don’t believe there are two better ambassadors for the sport and the tour. Good luck on Shark!

  5. Great video you guys, Ik the pattern can be brutal and make ur mental game go through the roof. Keep working hard and your time is coming. My question is do u keep the balls that you get from the truck or do u give them back? I have been thinking about that for a while

  6. I’m totally amazed by the bowlers who can avg 230. It looks so hard to get the ball to a spot (that isn’t very big), then have it do the right thing, and also go through the pins correctly. This format favors power, versatility, repeatabilty, then accuracy.

  7. For someone who is used to bowling on only house shots, It’s a real treat to see you guys take on these different patterns from day to day. You guys always pick the right kind of content ๐ŸŽณ

  8. Simo’s plastic is impressive, but it was the loft shots from Ryota and Via that were just mind blowing, past the arrows between 35 and 40, so much precision!

    1. Yeah but Ryota finished 109th in the Scorpion. Yeah it looks good on camera but it’s a ridiculous shot and not one you could ever hope to win with.

    2. @Matt TF Sure, that’s easy to say, but Chris Via is 5th overall and was also playing that same loft. So… maybe, just maybe, the loft game is something someone could hope to win with and it comes down to other factors like experience, ball choice etc…

      If the best bowlers in the world didn’t think they could win by lofting the left gutter then they wouldn’t do it.

    3. @Doug Barnes Personally i wouldn’t do it. Because it adds more uncertainty to the shot. I’d rather do something straight like Simo did.

    4. @Doug Barnes Easier for a 2 hander to throw that shot. He still won’t win throwing it though. Keep the ball on the lane.

  9. Great video guys. Simo thought of drilling a plastic probably because of past experience and because he knows he can throw it like that. Many others can’t throw plastic like that and be confident they will shoot 200+.

  10. Kyle I feel ya. It’s the same at my house as well…breakdowns are the worst, especially when your in a groove.

  11. Simo( aka Little Anthony), Anthony and Sean Lavery-Spahr use to work together at Plano Super Bowl in Plano, TX. I’ve known him since he was 15 and watched him win $5k in Brackets during a tournament. I told him that he was going to be a star way back then. He’s definitely special!!!

  12. Breakdowns and Bowlero go hand in hand. Everyone needs to appreciate their local family owned centers and give them as much business as possible. Iโ€™ve bowled in many Bowleros, including Wauwatosa and they are all the same. Overall dirty and absolutely no lane or pinsetter maintenance at all. The end of bowling may be closer than we think.

  13. That look on Bradโ€™s face while Kyle was describing the miracle numbing stuff ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  14. Idea: A T-shirt with Simoโ€™s finish position silhouette on it that says โ€œJust throw plastic.โ€

  15. Loved the ending of the video, lol! Great content as always. Of all the bowling-related channels on YouTube, you guys have the best format in terms of showing other bowlers, recapping the tournaments, as well as hearing what other bowlers have to say.

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