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Bowling balls will all end up (close) to the same surface after 3 games. So how do you combat this? Today we discuss that.
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9 Comments on “This will Happen to ALL Bowling Equipment after 3 Games | What’s The Solution?”

  1. I think the ball return machinery might polish up the surface slightly as it handles the ball too.

    1. Cleaning takes the oil and debris off the surface. It won’t change the grit of the surface. That’s why it’s recommended to maintain surface after each set by putting the preferred surface back on the ball. Polished balls can go longer.

    2. @William Freitas thank. I normally go 6-9 games before I resurface again. So guess I need to change that to after every night after league

  2. Rule is you cant resurface during a block right? So when a block is 6+ games long, are you screwed? Do tournaments adjust this rule ever?

  3. That’s why I bought a ball spinner so I can resurface my own balls at home, got me a drill press as well now so I can also drill my own equipment since I use the sarge Easter grip

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