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24 Comments on “Three Keys to Bowling Success. How to Bowl Like The Pros.”

  1. Great info guys. I was wondering if you all could do a video on over/under co dictionary and what the best ways to combat that are. Any help is greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work

    1. Most female players tend to push away a little later than usual. It helps give them a little more leverage at the line which helps them with their release.

  2. These are good tips I should use them when I do special Olympics bowling the set up,the swing,and the finished position

  3. Really a great player Shannon is! I wish if I could take some lessons from you guys…beautiful explanation.

    1. You can learn from Shannon, Coach Shady, and all of our coaches at Backstage Bowling! Head over to BackstageBowling.com and use code:SAVE20 to save $20 on an annual membership!

    1. We are so happy to have Shannon sharing knowledge on this channel. Thanks Connor for watching!

  4. Hi im lillian im 11 and today i bowl a pepsi tournament in dallas im having troble following through and not throwing my arm outside andstayingin tight any tips? That my help me

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