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24 Comments on “Throw More Clutch Strikes. 1 Simple Bowling Tip the Pros Use.”

  1. I am Neapolitan. For breathing I agree, I have other tastes on pizza. If you come to Naples you change your mind. Anyway, thanks for your advice.

  2. Consistently putting out great tips, that all stopped at the pineapple 🍍 lol definitely doesn’t belong on pizza

  3. Thank you Shannon for tip Tuesday’s I’m in northern ca where we have been closed. But with your videos and others I’m mentally ready to tear it up

  4. I love you. This is my first year bowling. I’m 21 and never had any passion for bowling before, now I look forward to bowling more than anything! Thank you

  5. #TeamShannon Love me some Hawaiian pizza!
    I also, when I get to bowl, utilize a long slow breath before stepping on the approach. If I forget, I’ll miss my target, overspeed the ball, or some other silly mistake.
    Long Live Coach Shannon! 🙂

  6. Great tip. And you included my three favorite things, Pizza, bowling and breathing. A true master bowling coach.
    And when given the chance, I will only eat Pineapple and Canadian bacon pizza. Yea!

  7. Yeah. If we’re down by 29, and I’m the last to bowl in the tenth, and everyone else is finished, this deep breath ain’t gonna make me forget that I gotta triple for us to win. Nice try though.

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