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9 Comments on “THROWING IT GOOD AND NOT STRIKING | Why? What Do You Need to Do?”

    1. The ball is going to get beat up by the ball returns just like resin, so surface maint. is the same. Whatever grit works for you, works for you.

  1. Couldn’t he just have 3 identically drilled Pitch Blacks at 1000 grit (or whatever surface he prefers) so he can pull out a fresh one when the first begins to read the pattern too late? I wonder if any pros do this regularly. If the tournament has no ball limit, it seems like the rule against no surface changes could be circumvented by having multiple balls at different surfaces.

    1. Yes he can, and yes they do this frequently.
      There is a ball limit, but it is high enough to not matter. For the qualifying rounds it’s 9 balls in the locker room. Once you get to match play there’s no limit, but your sponsor (Storm or Brunswick or whatever) is going to frown on you asking for 100 balls.

  2. Great video, thanks for the video and really breaking it down in slow motion so we can see it. Appreciate it.

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