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Team USA Assistant Head Coach Kim Terrell-Kearney provides tips on how to end your approach in a solid and balanced finish position. Remember, professional bowlers may all look a little different in their stance, footwork and arm swing, but they all finish the same way – with their shoulders and hips aligned and their release arm counter-balancing their trail leg in a stacked, properly compressed position.

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  1. Minute 2:01 the green vertical balance line, is at 45 ° angle of view. from a side view, parallel to the foul line, we will see the knees two to four inches above the knee and the chin and the nose from 4 to 8 inches beyond the foot …

  2. I am so ready, nervous and scared about I have my bowling game with my best buddy friend Carrie Uleble on month of December,2019.

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