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32 Comments on “To tuck or untuck, that is the question | How a tucked pinky can help or hurt you”

  1. spread index finger to get around the ball vs. index finger next to middle finger to stay behind the ball

    1. Was just about to say that. Depends on what part of the lane I’m playing. Up the track area my index finger is closer in, and once I start moving left and open up the lane, my index finger moves out. Learned this technique a few years ago and its definitely helped by giving me more consistent ball reaction.

  2. I can’t really tuck the pinky because it creates too much discomfort in the ring finger after a few throws. If my pinky is close up against the ring finger but straight, it’s fine.

    1. @TehDrewsus I did the same thing in the first 5 shots of matchplay last year during the highschool conference tournament. Totally messed my hand for a fee weeks. Senior season too.

    1. The pinky out gives you a bit more support on the inside part of the ball. For me, it gives me more leverage so I can create more rotation. With my pinky tucked under I actually get less rotation because it’s easier to come up the back of the ball and snap my fingers up while exiting.

    2. @M Johnson The “snap” you’re referring to is exactly what EJ does, and it gives him MORE rotation, not less. Working the inside part of the bowling ball with your hand flat will not create more revolutions.

      The other way people can comfortably create more revs is by having their middle finger to pinky finger in a row, with the index finger gripping the curve of the ball.

      I know what I’m trying to say, but not how to accurately explain it.

      TLDR, people like EJ would have less revs if he 1) didn’t tuck his pinky and/or 2) separate his index finger from the other three.

    3. @Chris Haney That’s why I typed, “for me”. I do not get more revs with my picky tucked under than with it out. I can get around the ball easier with my pinky out than under. Keep in mind the beauty of this game, each individual accomplishes say creating revs in THEIR OWN way according to what their body will allow them to do. There is no right or wrong way as long as you get it done without risk of injury. BTW, I have my hand cupped under the ball while on the inside as a flat hand would negate rotation. My hands are not as strong as they used to be so this MY workaround for creating rotation and it has worked well for me.

    1. @Eric Helgemo I tried bowling tape but it just comes off from sweating, I don’t like wearing bowling gloves.

    1. Don’t quote me on this, but I think the pinky hole is intended to serve a similar purpose as a tucked finger. Guys i know that have that pinky hole put a good spin on their shots. I think the detriment is what that extra hole may do to the dynamics of the ball’s motion.

  3. I have noticed a tucked pinky also seems to give you a few extra rpm as well. Nice for opening up the lane.

  4. Tucked pinky creates easier revs due to human anatomy. If fingers are extended and joined , just curl the pinky an watch the ring finger!!!

  5. What I need to do is figure out how to quit tucking my pinky during my back swing. I hate having it tucked while I’m holding the ball but do it every single time I throw the ball.

    1. I have absolute HELL trying to control the backend of the lane. Now I know why. Got any tips on how to keep my pinky flat through the entire swing?

  6. I honestly think tucking the pinky is just one of those “myths” in bowling. A lot of people over the years say that it increases rev rate, but really that doesn’t make any sense. How does tucking the pinky make your release any faster? Rev rate comes from how fast the hand moves through the ball. I think at BEST it helps create a different feel, and for most people that seems be getting around the ball more. Which can be interpreted as more “ball motion”, and to some maybe means they are “revving” it more. If anything it makes sense to NOT tuck the pinky for the reason JR mentioned early in the video. It’s hard on the tendons in the hand because the ring finger is extended (grip hole), while you’re moving the pinky in the opposite direction (curling it). I stopped doing it and I haven’t noticed any difference, my hand is just more relaxed.

  7. I keep my pinkie untucked for my strike shots but tuck it for my my straight shots. Idk it feels more natural.

  8. I left bowling about 2002 then came back in 2018. When I bowled before I was using a Cobalt Rhino on wood lanes and kept my index finger in tight and pinky extended but spread away from my ring finger. I’m not a hi rev bowler so when I came back I kept my pinky in tight and spread my index finger. For awhile I was tucking my pinky and had to make about a 1 board adjustment for it. Recently I changed my release to get more rotation and haven’t been tucking my pinky as I find the ball coming in to angular now. I recently got a Brunswick Igniter drilled weak for later in the night but having trouble getting much angle on it so might try tucking the pinky again with it. But it definitely makes a difference in my rotation with it tucked.

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