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24 Comments on “TruBall Reviews: LIVE – Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Bowling Ball Review”

  1. Some feedback. Get a Go-Pro and do some 1080 P and 4k content. Or get physically mounted camera’s in the facility to provide higher quality video. Makes it easier to display the content and see ball motion over 720 p from 40-50 ft away

  2. Lmao ha ha ha tha only bias review. But we respect it ha ha lmao ha ha ha :D. Got to love your baby yea ya ya ha ha Love Godlike yea ya ya 😀

  3. Nice review can’t wait to get my hands one but I have a question I have a bw pink but everytime I throw it even on the fresh I never see any oil lines no matter where I go I’ve been to 3 different lanes with it n never see any is it the type of cover stock it has just very unique n was very curious

    1. My friend just drilled a BW Pink, and it is really hard to see the flare rings on a ball that shiny. I have the same problem with my pearlized balls (Motiv Supra, VSP, ExJ VIP, etc.)

  4. Where did you get the projector setup with spec viewer software? Looking to get that done for business purposes.

  5. purchased the web MB and have the 2.0 on the way, i have a tweener bowling style what kind of layout do with the 2.0

  6. Ronald I have the same flare pattern on my hammer Venom. I love the gask mask core I still use it it’s an oldie but goodie. Shot some big games and big series with that ball

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