TruCut Hand Applied Polish Plus – Using a Bowling Ball Spinner

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6 Comments on “TruCut Hand Applied Polish Plus – Using a Bowling Ball Spinner”

  1. Can you add why you would want your ball at the higher gloss and what it does for you on the lane, as well as the balls (reactive, pearl, hybrid) that it would be best on and their reaction. Thank you.

    1. Doing the higher gloss will allow the ball to get further down the lane before it transitions. The second part to your question the coverstock wouldn’t necessarily have that much change in ball motion if you got it to 6500 unless you bring sym/ asym and urethane covers into the equation. Doing this on pearl, solid, and hybrid would give you a very similar reactions based on the coverstock material.

  2. Would you add that amount to the pad each time you flip the ball or that little bit for the entire ball?

  3. Polished balls only have “agressive backend motion” on the fresh lane conditions.
    In my exp, after like 3 games, once some carrydown (yes it still happens in todays game) happens, the ball will skid even further down lane and less backend motion once this happens!

    My summary: If you want a ball motion to let you play more up the gutter (hopefully you have a good layout drilled on it) then use a Polished Sym ball! Otherwise, its the same ol same… keep moving inside into more oil, blah blah until you have to LOFT it 35 feet over the 1st LEFT arrow like the PBA does!!!

  4. Could we see a video of ball motion difference between the 5500 turtle wax and the 6500? Same balls same layouts?

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