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  1. Thanks guys
    For some weird reason I’ve lost my throw this summer
    Went from being a consistent 180-200 bowler down to 140-150
    Maybe this is a good start to recover

    1. Engage the core (lift pelvic floor), take a breath and get ready to make an athletic move and full-follow-thru are my two first-look fixes.
      I want to try the limbo in this video next. Kyle’s last video had him releasing into the floor, this looks like it makes you do that.

      I like this series coaching the cameraman!

    2. @robert thunder I couldn’t even find thoseπŸ˜‚
      Tried this lil drill before league last night and went back up in the 170’s and 3rd game was a 201.
      Found 2 things that were goofing me up
      Winter league starts next month. I’ll be ready now

    3. This is my 2nd full summer after coming back into the game after 30+ years. I’m up from last year and the winter league but still not where I want to be, currently low 190s. Last summer, I was having all sorts of thumb fit issues. Got that resolved and had a decent winter season. Bought a few more balls and went Turbo switch grip. Also changed PSO to someone more willing to get my thumb fit right.

      Summer started good but in July started yanking the ball pretty regularly. First game was usually ok, but then got worse over the set. Realized that its thumb fit and humidity issues. I like my thumb tight so not gripping and there is normal swell, so adjust tape as necessary. This summer, I noticed on very humid days (NY area) and when the center maybe isn’t cranking AC it gets worse.

      I have stuck plenty of times this summer where I have to pull all tape out, wipe out all tape adhesive with alcohol pad and think about using slide rite. But now I see the yanking happens before the point of obvious sticking. Now that I’m aware, I try to take preventive measures, start using powder earlier, less tape, etc.

      First I thought maybe my timing was getting fouled up or not keeping elbow tucked. But it seems like its more a problem of humidity and getting stuck. Bowling swings happen so fast and if my thumb exit gets delayed by milliseconds it causes all sorts of problems for me not hitting my target. When it gets super stuck its obvious, ball goes flying a few feet in the air. But when its just a little stuck and its not obvious, I start pulling.

      Last week was pretty low humidity. League session on Thursday started great but there were thunderstorms forecasted. Middle of 2nd game, the storm blew in and I could tell humidity took off. All of a sudden, I’m yanking again and I could feel the moisture every time I put my thumb in the ball. Powder is useful to dry but the humidity also increases my swelling.

      So I gotta work with my PSO and get another thumb insert setup thats looser, especially on the sides since thats where all the sticking happens. Maybe not your problem but mentioning summer brought this to mind as I am just trying to fix this. Good luck.

  2. Awesome! .. good timing .. was just working on release last night .. I could use this for my next practice session .. thanks guys!!!

  3. Make sure and ask for an end lane so someone can stand on the side w/ your limbo bar – so you don’t PO the staff at the bowling alley.
    Not everyone can throw their weight around and do whatever they want like Brad & Kyle … 😁

  4. I don’t tend to have this problem, or a chicken wing problem. I just struggle with inconsistency. I’m able to get a nice hook about once every 4 frames. Otherwise, I get a very narrow hook. Now I can’t tell if its an oil issue or a swing/release issue.

  5. Love the drill Kyle. Maybe that’s why I noticed some of the Pro Bowlers target the dots first instead of just looking at the arrows or the breakpoint.

    1. Target the dots? I used to but would always wind up stabbing the dots instead of swinging out over them

  6. His game is looking better. Ball is at a better spot at the top of the backswing and he is posting nicely. Good job coaches

  7. Met all 3 of you when you were bowling down in Colorado Springs a year or so ago. Dennis and Kyle, you both spent a good 45 minutes talking with me about anything and everything. The one thing I really appreciated about you 2 young men, was how open and sincere when we were talking.

    I love all of these lessons you share and relate them to every level of bowler!!!!

    Not that it matters, but I was the goofy guy with MS at the event in Colorado Springs.

    Keep the great videos coming and hope to be rooting for you at many more events!!!!!

  8. Thank you for the video I eat all this stuff up.
    This summer I bowled Wed Night Trio sports shot league. It was really humbling lol. However I had a few nights that were along with my normal Fall/Winter house shot leagues. I became a better spare shooter in the league that is for sure. I had seen a video or two of Brad and yourself showing us to throw into the lane and the video on the loft seem to really help me thru that sport shot. I seen 220 and better bowlers really get taken by the shot from week to week. I really look forward to trying this out. Thanks again to you guys.

  9. I’ve lost it completely. It’ll sound stupid I know but I went from a 224 down to nearly under 200 in about 3-4 weeks. I feel like I haven’t done anything different other than just getting lucky. I feel like I’m way past my prime at 31 yo and just don’t know how to recover. Maybe it’s better to accept and just keep averaging 180-190 since I need handicap to keep up with everyone else 😞😞😞

  10. I am definitely going to tryout this drill, I’m always gripping the ball. I need to be smoother with the release.

  11. what we used to do was to get a low chair put it on the sides of the lines that are not tightly connected like line 1 or the last lane or the lanes that are close to the pillar where you could put the chair, and then we put a mop the stick side would be in the lane that we are practicing and the heavy side would be on the chair to balnce it out, that is How I did it when I was practicing alone.

  12. Dennis is ‘da bomb. Love that guy. Next year instead of behind the camera, he’s gonna be on the lanes for the tour.

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