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Footwork for two-handed bowling is vital to controlling the high rev count created from this style. Go too slow with your footwork and you’ll have way too much hook. Go too fast with your footwork and you’ll lose leverage and the ball will not hook enough.

5-Step Approach
There are many variations of the 5-step-approach for two-handed bowlers. In the example below, the first step is straight. The second step goes left and the third step slightly farther left from the second step. The pivot step comes back into a straighter direction and the slide is slightly right.

Steps two and three allow for the ball to clear the right side of the body by moving left with the footwork. This enables the pivot and slide to end up in a powerful position resulting in good leverage for the release and good ball speed to match up with the revs.

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In this next example, every step goes farther left than the previous with the slide as the exception. This enables more right-to-left ball motion.

4-Step Approach
The first step of the 4-step-approach is a crossover step. This is in time with the ball start and it allows the ball to clear the right side of the body. The second step is around 15 boards left of the first step. The pivot step is straighter with the slide slightly to the right. - Your One Stop Pro Shop!

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