6 Comments on “Two Quick Tips to Bowl More Strikes from Professional Bowler Shannon O’Keefe”

    1. I can they put out this exact info on another video like 11 monthes ago. I know because I just watched it last night after league. I’d say it is timely advice but that is lazy to put out the exact same content without any changes

  1. would technically switching from a solid of a ball that leaves flat 10’s to a pearl version of the ball be considered “stronger”? Even if they are the same coverstock. It usually helps me kick out the 10 pin. Is this a wrong adjustment to make?

    1. In Shannon’s example when she mentioned “stronger” she went to larger core/coverstock ball. In short both her recommendation and yours are correct, although with a pearl you’ll want to open the lane up a bit more with a steeper angle. There are times where a weaker or same ball with a different finish can accomplish the feat. Its important to watch how your ball comes off the pattern and how it continues through the pins, that will determine your next move(s).

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