31 Comments on “Unbelievable Run For Brad’s First Major TV Show!”

  1. It’s great how Brad is trying for his first title, and Norm is just sitting there lurking like the Final Boss in a video game. lol

    1. That was exactly my same thought!! Norm makes a great Final Boss. Simo is a good ‘next to the final boss’.

      It is all about who gets the carry in this one!

      I’m excited for this channel! First Kyle wins another title, and now Brad catapults himself into the playoffs and may have a major under his belt by the time this day is over! If not, then it’s just the next step toward that elusive PBA title for Brad.

      Keep making shows and you eventually snap one off!

  2. I was on the edge of my couch watching the live scoring on my phone yesterday. I cheered loud when I saw Brad continue to win. Way to go Brad! You got this…keep Vibin’!!!!

  3. Congratulations on making the show Brad..I’m so pulling for you…love your channel and all that you two boys do..its made me excited about bowling again

  4. Kyle got a title now it’s your time to shine Brad. Been watching you guys for a few months now and have really enjoyed the way you have showed all the bowlers being themselves. I gave up bowling after I got cancer but after watching you guys I think I will get back out there. Keep up the great work and the wins will come.

    1. Not comparing mine to yours,
      But i have disc problems in my back and i still get out there despite the pain. Im only good for about 3 games but Always worth it!

      Took a few months off, come back warm up game, then a 230, different ball. You can do it!

    2. Thanks Tyler, I appreciate what you said and understand about your back problems. I used to go to Nationals and miss it. I believe if I start out slow and practice over the summer I will be able to bowl the winter league.

    1. Imagine bowling him in matc play, then have to again possibly to win lol. Its like idk who to root for because both Norm and Brad be vibin

  5. Great bowling this week Brad! So proud of you! Will definitely be watching live today. If I were there in person, I’d give you a big hug. Btw, I haven’t been feeling well the past few days, and these vlogs put a smile on my face. Wishing you all the best in the Masters stepladder finals, Brad. If you win, it will be well deserved. Gonna wear my Brad F’n Miller shirt today to show my love and support. 😀 <3 <3

  6. I remember saying after Kyle won his first singles title just wait til one of you win your first major. You got this Brad let’s go

  7. You’re natural game matches this tough pattern so you were able to just relax, be Brad, and run over the field! You looked great! Good luck on TV!

  8. I feel like I’m there with them. This content is awesome! I’m pulling for Brad. His video at the end of the last tourney broke my heart. If not him today, then I pull for the Duke. Duke is the kind of guy that if he loses to Brad, he will totally and honestly be happy for him. Duke is the OG.

  9. Great to see Brad make the show! Seems like such a nice, honest kind of guy., the kind of guy you want to see good things happen to. Go get ’em!!

  10. You know, when I first started watching this, I thought all of you guys competing against each other would mean you wouldn’t be friendly with each other. I couldn’t be more wrong. Everyone seems like they support each other, no matter how competitive it is and that’s awesome.

  11. Thank you for doing this behind the scenes so I can understand what happens that we don’t see at tournaments, because I probably won’t be good enough ever to go to one lol. Great job bowling, continue the great work!

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