13 Comments on “Understand Ball Speed. The #1 Way to Throw More Strikes in Bowling.”

  1. So true! Part of my β€œpost shot” routine is checking the monitor for ball speed after every shot.

  2. First thing I do if it felt good off my hand but doesn’t finish or finishes too strong is look at my speed. Even .2 or .3 mph can be flat 10 or stone 9 if everything else was good.

  3. This is really important for beginners – and difficult, too. Even a tiny bit of muscling the shot makes consistent ball speed a problem.

  4. Good day Ms Shannon. I am a 77 year young male bowler. When I grow up I want to deliver the ball into the lane just like you!!

  5. Not softer, slower.
    A good way to develop speed control is to first, develop a free arm swing consistent with a natural step-by-step cadence, preferably a four step to start.
    Make note of the held height of ball in stance. Experiment with different heights of the ball in stance, (above & below one’s waist) and attempt to match the cadence with an “effortless” swing.
    Hope this may provide a lil’ assistance in someone’s quest to pass the test.
    PS. Not necessarily for all people, mostly beginners. U-Tube the topic and get different advice. Find a fit.
    And I must admit, her game truly fits.
    Peace to you and yours.

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