Understanding Bowling Ball Terminology | High RG vs Low RG | What is the Difference?

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18 Comments on “Understanding Bowling Ball Terminology | High RG vs Low RG | What is the Difference?”

    1. I am 70 and throw around 11.3-5 mph. I have a ball with a 2.57 RG and a diff of o.48 (12 year old storm reign supreme which has a large sym core and a hy-brid cover) and ave 210. yep, low RG cores AND asym cores are too early for me (Mr Thomas)

  1. Thank you for these videos. As a new bowler its great having this stuff explained in a way I can understand. As a high rev youth bowler a lot of the stuff out there doesn’t apply to me but the way you made the video I was able to understand why the high RG balls are better for me.

  2. this is such great content! i heard you’re coming to Singapore, sadly I won’t be free for the workshop… hope to see you around though!

  3. Wow Again, Ron’s experience makes this understandable in a way that I’ve never seen before. Very clear and helpful👍🏾

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