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30 Comments on “Understanding Invisible Oil Patterns on Bowling Lanes”

  1. When you shot the ball down 5 board, where were you standing with your feet, and the same when you moved to 15?

    1. @Pit At the fould line you will be further left targeting 15 at the arrows that you will be when you are targeting 5 at the arrows. My question was how big of a move. Is it a parallel move which would amount to a 10 board move , a 2:1 move which would amount to 20 boards or something inbetween. My question has nothing to do with the 7 pin rule, just how much further left he is at the foul line when he changes his target on the lane.

    2. @Pit read what I said again… you’ll see that’s addressed by me saying “nobody walks straight” and “finished”

    3. @Arthur Word for large moves like that yes it was an exact 10 board move because they weren’t adjusting on a mark but rather just finding a different line… when adjusting on one target basic rule is for every 3 boards you move change target by one board accordingly.

      since they were just looking for multiple targets it was a straight jump 10 boards left

    1. @G.O.J Gaming pretty sure i wasnt being hostile.. u must have being annoyed mixed up with hostile but all good ….

    2. @anthony aspro ah my bad man, you know how some people are on the internet. I was having a bad day, normally I wouldn’t have replied

  2. “Pitsure” “Startidgy” “Schtrwait”. I love regional accents. Great video, but I’m just trying to hit a 175 average on a THS.

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