22 Comments on “Understanding RG & Differential. Improve Your Bowling Ball Knowledge.”

  1. That was the short simple answer, that will help the casual bowler, so, good to have out there as a quick tip. Thanks!

  2. Yo our team took second place in regionals yesterday so we go to state next week lets gooooooo

    1. @Zackery Stephens wowww we didn’t get a sectionals or IHSA state series at all because of COVID, so stupid, ended the season with a 225 average, highest in our conference, good luck in state brother

  3. This would make sense, till you look at low RG balls that are skid flip. That kinda blows your theory out of the water, doesn’t it?

    How could a low RG ball be skid flip in its definition?

    1. The motion is still skid-flip, it just does the motion at a different distance down the lane. I have two different pearl balls that are skid flip. One wants to do that at 40 feet (RG: 2.476 verge pearl), another might want to 42 feet (RG: 2.537 Hell raiser return). They have nearly the same Differential for backend motion. The RG of the core (and surface) will determine when it will start the movement.

    2. @Fejix87 okay, then how do you explain balls with the same RG and differential moving completely differently down the lane? I have balls with the same RG that are completely different in how they move down the lane.

      I have a smooth motion high RG and high diff ball, while at the same time having a akid flip one as well. Both move at different lengths on the lane as well.

    3. @Charlie Odom they were just trying to explain the RG and the differential. The path that a ball will actually travel is dependent on a number of other factors as well. The way the ball is laid out can have a big impact on what the actual numbers are, but there’s not enough time in a short video to explain every thing about ball motion.

  4. Nice explanation. However, you never explained the numbers to establish lower/higher differential ratings. You did provide numbers for lower/higher RG ratings.

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