Understanding Surface Changes and How They Can Impact Your Ball Motion

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11 Comments on “Understanding Surface Changes and How They Can Impact Your Ball Motion”

  1. Yes, surface helps. So does making adjustments. Like Speed or move your feet around. Actually bowl. Hit your mark. The basics. And PRACTICE. That always helps.

    1. He didn’t get paid to bowl, he gets paid to advertise….. that’s all this channel really is. Just a bowling infomercial

    2. What he does is advertise his products and teaches folks about the products and how his products effect ball motion.

  2. Surface helps but will not completely change a balls reaction. This is the case with my own ball, the ONE remix! I have tried OOB finish, 3000grit and 1000grit. No noticable difference seen to the human eye, as my balls layout HOOKS LIKE A MOTHER!!! Changing to 1000grit did NOT make it read sooner and TAME down (lessen) the back end hook. Nope, shes still a monster!!! Thats my experience.

  3. You mentioned you used the p5000 pad by hand to get a reading of 4000. So iI want @ a 3000 finish on my curently 1500 polished solid ball would I use a 4000 trucut pad if doing by hand to get 3000?

  4. Surface makes a properly thrown ball read the lane sooner, creating the perception of more hook, as it has more time to cross the boards before hitting the pins. This all changes with rev dominant players, as high surface can cause a core to flip forward mid lane, and seem to take all the hook out of the ball.

    Surface changes affect different bowlers differently and different balls differently. The experience and experiment should be done on the lanes with a spinner close by or buy your a buddy a beer to wear out their hand and arm.

    I am a huge fan of tru cut pads. I’m about to order a fresh set after almost a year of use on the old ones, which will be reserved for spinner use.

  5. Listen to Ronald Hickland, Jr. He knows what he’s talking about, and I’ve used these products to optimize my ball roll for over a year now. My PSO carries CtD products, and quite a few of the local bowlers are now doing just the sort of things shown in this video. And I still say So Fresh and So Clean gives me better pin carry. I apply it between bowling sessions on every ball I will be using. I have also used the scanner at the pro shop to verify the surface after using CtD pads with Tru-Cut Conditioner, and they are always spot on. I don’t check them any more, because they’re going to be what’s printed on the pad. I do use the scanner to see how fast lane shine is changing the surface, though, and that’s enlightening.

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