USBC Bans the Storm Spectre Bowling Ball | Testing Information | Why Was This Ball Banned?

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18 Comments on “USBC Bans the Storm Spectre Bowling Ball | Testing Information | Why Was This Ball Banned?”

  1. Sucks for everyone who purchased a ball and paid to get them punched. Storms next ball will be a slow selling ball due to skepticism. I was thinking about purchasing this ball and make it my 1st Storm Ball.

    1. storm is a good company, things like this happen but shouldn’t. i’ll still throw storm this won’t change how i view the company. i threw motiv during the jackal controversy, this is no different situation.

  2. What does this mean for the people on leagues that are using this ball do they have to stop using the ball now ?

    1. th ball is banned from use outright, sad to say but storm should have an announcement about replacements.

    2. Yes. They banned it tonight in week 1 of Sport Shot League. People were mad. Wouldn’t be surprised if they fined people.

  3. Bought numerous Storm Balls in the past and was in the process of buying this ball. Hopefully pro shops have been notified, to pull from the shelves. Had no idea until now. Thanks for the heads up

  4. This serves as a lesson for all manufacturers to continually sample their products for compliance. Had they done that, this wouldn’t be an issue. They could have stopped production and fixed the problem. No telling if this is a widespread issue or isolated to just this particular ball

  5. *Tonight was first week of Sport Shot Pattern. They literally announced this during practice. People were pissed.*

    So glad I bought a new Phaze 2 last month and not a Spectre. It was literally on my list.

    1. @imYopped it better not be tested. I just bought a new one LOL. It rolls like nothing else in my bag.

    2. @TraumaER what’s the year of the pour? i have a 19 phaze 2 and i don’t wanna drop it from my bag 😂

    3. @TraumaER I still use a timeless as my benchmark LMAO, but you are definitely safe with the ball trust me

    4. @imYopped from now on I will get balls after they’ve been out a few months. I got a Hyroad Pearl like 8 years after it was released too haha!

  6. HQ offices at Storm are like that ‘Product Recall’ episode from “The Office” right now

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