Using the 3-6-9 Spare System Moving Left | USBC Bowling Academy

USBC Director of Coaching Carolyn Dorin-Ballard teaches you how to use the 3-6-9 spare system to move left along the boards to adjust in order to pick up a spare. Here she shows you how to adjust to pick up the 3 and 6 pins.

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15 Comments on “Using the 3-6-9 Spare System Moving Left | USBC Bowling Academy”

    1. i think it is because she is hooking the ball and the curve compensates.. if you throw straight like i do, aiming between the second and third arrows seems to yield the best results

    2. It works out because that’s a house shot. There’s more oil inside so the ball “skidded” longer before hitting the dry. Since it’s a single pin as long as you hit it you’re good. Unlike a strike where you can come in heavy/light. If she was on sport, especially a short pattern that ball would have checked way early and probably missed left.

  1. Lol aim over the second arrow. Ok she throws over the third arrow, and the video keeps going like nothing happend. Then a second time, just say third arrow if thats her target. Stupid training vids, just teach yourself, you are better off that way.

  2. Come on people. If you are going to teach a “system” find a bowler that fits it. That’s the 3rd arrow, not the second arrow….

    1. I had to watch it twice because I thought I was wrong, but yes, she did not aim for the second arrow but the third. Well, at least I learned something. LOL

    1. Okay if you have a spare ball stand on 33 and throw the ball at 19

      If you have a strike ball where ever you start for your strike line move 9 boards to the left

      Hope I helped you

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