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As with most solo sports, success in bowling requires total control of your environment. You’re up there by yourself, so only you can dictate the results of your play. And the thing that most often separates successful tournament bowlers from talented weekend warriors is a focused discipline toward maintaining their environment. In this lesson, we explain how environment affects all bowlers, and teach you about some of the bowling accessories you might utilize in order to gain more control over your game and up your average.

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14 Comments on “Using the Latest Bowling Accessories to Improve Your Game”

  1. I have to say, the Brunswick thumb sleeve really upped my game. I’ve used one for nearly ten years and ‘I’ve never have to worry about slipping/sticking. Once I got used to it, it was like magic.

  2. “Mole Skin” in the back of the thumb hole is awesome. 2 or 3 layers thick on the back half of the thumb hole is like a cushion to lock the thumb in place and slippery smooth during the release.

  3. I remember a couple years ago when the older guys at my house was telling me i was putting the tape wrong in my ball because i put it on the posterior side of my thumb and not the anterior side like they always did. I never paid any mind becuase it’s what fits me right and gives me my best performance.

  4. and one of the worst items to buy is a wrist glove. this becomes a crutch there are ways to make your wrist stronger by working out. rosin bag is fine but to me some accessories are useless.

  5. All weather tape to make the thumb snug and slick
    Baby powder

    Also turbo thumbslugs are the drizzling shits

  6. A very informative video! One problem I have is that my thumb is very big when I get to the lanes. As soon as I start bowling it begins to shrink and by the 2nd game is stable – usually. So I have thumb inserts that vary so I can make the thumb hole small as needed. I would sure rather have a thumb that stays one size!

    But I am going to use the info here for sure. ” Is it too tight or too sticky” And I never knew about hand conditioner! Now I have to go. I am changing tapes :>)

  7. The guy in the red shirt almost said it… the best advice that he could possibly give you is to not use any of these because they throw you off your game. 🤣🤣🤣. Beat advice I got.

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