22 Comments on “We Are Bowling the LARGEST Tournament of the YEAR!”

  1. Brad and Kyle, good luck to you guys and I believe you guys will make the cut. Go out there and bowl great. Congrats again to Packy, u bowled awesome and was rooting for you

  2. Video starts in the Arena. Hope you guys end the week IN THE ARENA, if you know what I meanπŸ˜‰

    1. Im guessing its simply lack of time won the round and than had to get to this tournament right away

  3. Love to see the support that fellow competitors have for each other. This kind of exposure has to bring more people to the sport and that is a great thing! Keep up the great work and videos – good luck to both of you on making the cut and getting to the big show!

  4. I can’t believe Brad wouldn’t pick the Nova as his 3rd option. It seems like whenever he is struggling to find the look he wants, pick up the Nova and boom.

  5. You guys are awesome! Keep up the awesome coverage! Good luck guys these things are SO HARD I’m pulling for ya

  6. Awesome vlog!!! Good luck this week Brad and Kyle. You guys are the absolute best. The time in the truck, the respect to Packy, absolutely the best. Time to put on the striking shoes!!!

  7. Packy great bowling, Congrats. It was a joy to watch. Love how Kyle gives you credit. I’m sure most fellow pba bowlers do. Much applause πŸ‘.

  8. Congrats Packy! Ive been with the channel from the start and its awesome to see your huge success!

  9. I love how all of you that do vlogs support each other. I love watching Packy’s content just as much as the content here. Let’s give these guys more support and see some more titles from Brad and Kyle and the House Bowling guys. The PBA must be refreshed with bowlers to take the place of the legends who are retiring. Love the legends, but let’s bring on the new blood.

  10. Congratulations Packy!!!
    Brad and Kyle y’all are amazing! Brad and the nova are a dangerous team! Kyle good to see you getting back to it!

  11. I’m rooting for you and Kyle this week. Every since I met you in Vegas, I been hoping for a big moment for you. Kyle got his singles title, this would be the perfect time for you Brad. Good luck this week.

  12. Dudes I needed some Claritin while watching the exchange between Kyle and Packy! The allergies had my eyes watering! Or maybe just feeling the good vibes and seeing the smile on Packy’s face knowing what it’s like for hard work to pay off!

  13. This is by far my favorite bowling channel, Brad is the guy on your team who is cool, but ultra serious, but Kyle is the dude on your team that right before practice you go out to the car and hit a bowl of high grade with, then go back in and have a great night of bowling with no matter what happens score wise!!!

  14. Congrats to Packy, it was a thrill to see him win. Now it’s time for you guys to get some, good luck guys.

  15. Big fan of you both but I’m definitely on team Brad. Been struggling to start the year, but always manages to stay way more positive than I would be. This is your tourney!!

  16. Great to meet you and Kyle, and to speak with Dennis. Best of Luck to you both, enjoy your time in Michigan.

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