22 Comments on “We Bowled Each Other On TV! | PBA Players Championship”

  1. You guys bowled a great match. Either of you could have won that opening match. This was another funny and entertaining vlog. Brad, can’t wait to see you again, and Kyle, looking forward to meeting you whenever that time comes. Can’t say it enough, you guys are the best! Love you! ❤️🎳

  2. Yall did great!!! Very proud of you two!!!! I had a great party at the house and had everyone yelling for yall !!!!!!

  3. When you guys were talking about Franky, I didn’t know you meant Francois Lavoie! He’s one of my favorite bowlers. So smooth and consistent all the time!

  4. Great job both making the show! Wish one of you could have taken the region, but a good payday each is a great way to start the year. Keep up the great work!

  5. Great job guys, the chance of this happening was insane hope to see you guys on TV again soon! I’ve got Belmo winning this whole tournament, he’s back!

  6. I’ve recently started watching you guys and rooting for you. I was delighted to see that you both made the show so I was sure to watch the match. You both did very well! You both seemed just a tad nervous, not like you are on the videos I’ve seen, but, it’s totally understandable! Congratulations to you both, and especially Kyle, for placing 3rd. I was very impressed that Kyle beat Frankie! Frankie sure was lofting his ball down the lane, for some reason.

  7. Congratulations on you both making the show. I actually watched from the Chiefs game… imagine how crazy that was! I know you both will make it to another TV show this year. Good luck at the US Open 🎳

  8. Congrats to both of you for making the show! Thanks for the behind the scenes edition on your vlog and as always so entertaining. Bowl well this season and continue to make progress

  9. I’ve never watched or thought about watching bowling on TV, yet I made sure to tune in to watch you guys bowl. That just shows how engaging your videos are and the quality of your personalities. Congratulations on making the show and keep up the good work guys!

  10. Great to see y’all having so much fun. I enjoyed watching your journey to Euless….and glad the deodorant was a hit!

  11. It was a great match between you two. Kyle, you bowled well, even if you’re disappointed with the end result.

    It’s progress from where you once stood and towards more shows and eventually a title (or more) on TV.

    Best of luck to you guys in Indy.

  12. Watched the event live on TV because of you guys and this channel. First time I have every set aside time just to watch a PBA event. Great job on engaging your viewers and getting them to watch live bowling!

  13. This was way more fun then watching this on TV the other night. Keep up the Amazing work guys. You got to hate that flat 10 pin.

  14. I even was there watching you two in person. Still, that was a great match. At least both of you tried y’all’s best. (You’ll see me in a blue shirt crossing my arms while standing up in 9:03)

  15. You guys seem so close to moving to the next level with your respective games. I think it’s simply a matter of mastering the one thing which all individual athletes struggle with before they rise. Staying in every shot/swing/move as a singular moment. Tiger never made a swing till he was absolutely ready and committed. You both have the skills. Now it’s being in control. Congrats and thanks for entertaining me!

  16. Seeing the match from this prospective after watching it live was really dope!!! Keep up the great content guys! 👍🏽

  17. Thanks for bringing us along in such a special way guys. The camera coverage and commentary made it feel like I was actually there.

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