21 Comments on “We Bowled Great Then This Happened…”

  1. So… are you saying that the guys who thought they were the cut, in 12th when you were 11th, got dropped by another team as a result of the recount? Wow, that’s brutal… Congrats, guys! 🙂

  2. Nick kept trying to talk about his shirt pocket and Kyle kept interrupting him. lol. Let Nick talk about his pocket! Go Nick!

  3. My heart literally dropped cause I thought u guys were going to out. Wow nice bowling u guys, got me nervous

  4. That’s the problem with being extremely accurate to the pocket with out-‘n’-in shots in this era: On virtually every hit it’s possible to leave a back row pin, AAGGHHHH!! It makes me want to be jealous of guys who track like Beef Stu, where one seemingly gets away with every hit anywhere near the pocket except flush — which just about always guarantees a half-ten, erk! But then again I’ve watched Stu shoot a flawless 300, soooo…

  5. You guys waiting to see if you made the cut was like me waiting for my transcript to see if I passed my classes lmao

  6. Man I feel for leaving three 8 pins… I was bowling league a few years back and left either the 8 or 9 pin IN 7 OF THE 10 FRAMES… 7. I THINK IT WAS 4 9’S AND 3 8’S. Congrats on advancing. 11th!!!!

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