27 Comments on “We Built The Best 6 Bowling Ball Arsenal!”

  1. Always fun to watch arsenal videos and how everyone builds theirs differently, tho I think the hyroad pearl you used on the chameleon show might not be feeling too happy right now πŸ˜†

  2. Very informative, Brad. I don’t use a spare ball. I use my hyroad pearl for 4s, 6s, 7s, and 10s, and my phaze 2 for everything else. My spare game has improved, but I still need to work on stringing strikes.

  3. Wish my house had enough oil to even consider half these balls. Since the USBC rescinded the oil volume rule, the left side of the lane plays so wet dry, it’s insane. Urethane or weak solids like the Camo are the way to go.

    1. Would like to see this too, though no house around here is the same. One is 44 foot, on new lanes with a lake in the middle. Another house its medium on old lanes. And then the other house nearby I’m told only gets oiled once a week and it hooks so much, that I’ve considered throwing my plastic ball.

    2. @machine thesun my issue so far the past month is my hand getting cold and my thumb shrinking. Ruins my entire release.

  4. Have to have Phaze2 on the list and Purple hammer for urethane. I get the limited recommendations due to staff regulations.

  5. I will say I just bought a phase 2 off Facebook its already drilled but I make it work and it is absolutely versatile! My OG physix broke on me and the Phase 2 at least holds its own
    I like the line up, I’d say supernova or proton, nova, phase 2, zen, night road and zen u or pitch black. Just off my style but very awesome video

  6. Was your first step down from the rolly Asym to rolly Sym still pin down or was it pin up? And if you had a Pearl/hybrid Asym in between would you drill pin down or pin up?

  7. My current arsenal is a Radical Innovator and a Hammer Obsession Tour Pearl, I will be getting a Brunswick Defender Hybrid soon, and then I want to add a Hammer Scorpion Sting, everything will be drilled the same except the Obsession

  8. Drill question. I want to add a iQ Tour. Most of my stuff is Pin up. Would a pin down layout in the iQ your be worthwhile?? Or cause the way the core is, I should drill it pin up??

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