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    1. Imagine telling a guy who bowls a thousand times better than you and at the highest level how to bowl. Lmao

  1. Yo!! Working on helping to support the channel guys. I just bought some merchandise on your website. I can’t wait to show it off. I’m a big fan and love the bowling and YouTube content. Keep up the great work guys..

  2. The best way to get over the nerves and pressure of the moment, is to just keep getting yourself into those situations. It’ll still be a learning experience, with some disappointments. But, the learning will just come naturally. And, always take a deep breath and hold it for 2-3 seconds.

  3. So wish I could attend, unfortunately living in NY makes it impossible. Hopefully one day you will have a clinic for the Tri Stae Area. If so I will be there. Good Luck in the Doubles Boys!

  4. That guy who’s bowling on lane 44 should know better because there’s a deadwood on the right gutter of lane 44. He should have called the decks for a deadwood on lane 44.

  5. Did someone who’s bowling on lane 50 realize and started calling the front desk that there’s a deadwood on the right gutter of lane 50?

  6. I felt the same way when I was bowling in the USBC Ohio State Bowling Tournament, which is right here at my hometown in Cleveland, Ohio. The reason is that I realize that this state tournament always put on a sports shot almost every year. Firstly, I bowled really well in the Teams Event at Yorktown Lanes with a 614 series and played out 10 standing between center dot and first dot from the right and believing the oil pattern was about 40 feet or 41 feet. Secondly, I struggled on the Singles/Doubles Event at Roseland Lanes because when I was playing the same line I was playing at the Teams Event at Yorktown Lanes, it didn’t reach the pocket. So, I tried playing straight up 10, standing on the first dot on the left, and it worked just a little bit. After bowling, I realized that we had just bowled on the 45-foot oil pattern, and it was so brutal.

  7. Dudes I know that balance sheet is a little bit on the wrong side right now so good luck in the doubles and I hope y’all snap this one off! (I could be way wrong here, and if so I’m glad this vlogging has gone so well since the old days vlogging with an iPhone!) glad to see the clinics selling out too! And, I’m pretty sure you guys got others on the PBA tour to even consider doing their own shows!

  8. Ever since I got my 1st bowling jersey w my league team 4-5 years ago I refuse to wear regular cotton tee’s bowling again lol. Hot, clingy, heavy when sweat in etc. I don’t care if I’m just a avid 190 league bowler, comfort is key! Oh and shorts only but I do live in S Cali so easy to do πŸ™‚

  9. Knowing when and how to ball change in transition for me has come through practice practice practice. I practice couple different ways reguraly. 1 or 2 games I’ll get a good idea what my benchmark is doing currently (1 lane only for consistency) and then work through my 5-6 ball arsenal , 2-3 shots each ball, so I know exaclty what each ball going to do in relation to what my benchmark is doing. I also will practice 1-2 games using only 1 ball (the best for that moment) and see how long you can stay in a spot, how to move slowly w transition & when u leave a flat or ring 10 etc. Plus when using just 1 ballo practice u can try different hand positions &speeds from different areas across the lanes. U can’t do this stuff during league or tourneys, practice πŸ™‚

  10. Wish you guys would make a video on the Dexter slides and brakes pads. Where to start to find what is right for “you”? to Where you guys start and how you shift your slide and brakes to how the approaches.

  11. Welcome back to Delaware, guys. Last time you were here I think was 2019?? This PBA super fan is ready to bowl in the pro am tomorrow. Will be cheering you guys on in the Roth Holman doubles this week. This is your time to win!

  12. Wow! I grew up in Dover Delaware and went to college in Dover Delaware! It’s a great state! Usually only NASCAR fans know where Delaware is because of the Raceway in Dover! πŸ˜€Great answer to the ever popular transition question. It is a struggle every time I bowl to know when to ball change. 😞 #LiveAndLearn

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