25 Comments on “We Didn’t Bowl Terrible! | PBA Lubbock Open”

    1. That is pretty cool I’ll see my fiancé and me on the YouTube channel of Brad and Kyle I think that’s awesome

    2. I thought the same thing. He mentions the car alarm interrupting the vlog, but then lets the beeping from a seatbelt warning continue lol. Shame on you Brad! Keep up the great vlogs though! haha

    3. @TADMG I thought the same thing. New music, a car alarm and the seatbelt chime. Gotta switch it up for the Summer tour VLOGs.

  1. Keep up these blogs Brad, they are really fun to watch. It’s great to see your enthusiasm and learn from the new found stronger mental game. Can’t wait for next episode!

  2. The chemistry you four have {Brad Nick Keven and Packy} is off the charts….Continue success and reach for the stars.

  3. This might sound like a silly question but where do you get those markers from to get pros autographs on merch?

  4. Great stuff! Hi from MN Nick! Put on your seatbelt Brad! (By the way, he cha cha/salsa music was 💰!)

  5. Mesa East bowl! In Mesa, AZ
    I have been bowling since I was 6 and I do not feel I’m at the level I should be for the amount of years I have been putting in I could really use some help and an extra set of eyes

  6. Brad I love you man, I’m so glad I got some great bowling to watch again. I’m happy your back on the tour. I hope you do well, you deserve it. I really want to say thank you for letting me hangout with you and talk to you, when I met you in Vegas. I really appreciate it, you made my trip. Really thank you

  7. 10:40

    Because it’s not a pearl. It’s got solid in the blend bro. 2 part pearl one part solid. Let’s it see the lan a little earlier than the rest of the Pearl asyms in the 3 lines

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